Is 4×4 extreme competition in a camper possible? Ask the Giler Kakis

POSTED BY Yamin Vong ON 08 September 2019


One of the most interesting off-road competitions in Selangor to date and featuring an Extreme Off-road Zone (EOZ) will be flagged off 13 September by FT Minister YB Khalid Samad.

About 80 participants have signed up for the event organised by the GK 4×4 Adventure Association to be held 13-16 September at Alam Budiman, U9 Shah Alam.

 They will compete in five categories:

  1. Buggy
  2. Open body
  3. Camping
  4. Light core
  5. Pick up

The highlight of the competition is the EOZ. This will be a killer special stage featuring a six km distance and a 15 hour Did Not Finish (DNF) limit.

Only participants in the Open Body and Camping categories can compete in the EOZ.

And if you’re surprised that a camping category vehicle is allowed to enter the EOZ, it’s because these days, the specifications of camping vehicles are way beyond what they were in the olden days of recreational off-roading.

“These days, the new generation of off-roaders build machines equipped with  “winch hantu”, air locker, “jam brake”, Volvo portal axle, and external roll cage,” said Hong Yeang Keang, one of the founders of the GK 4×4 Adventure Association.

GK, the initials of their original name, stands for Giler Kakis or the English equivalent of “Mad Dogs”.

The EOZ competition will consist of two-car teams who will be flagged off by the FT Minister at 4 pm in three-minute intervals.

If they manage to exit within the 15 hours DNF, the two cars in the team get a full 100 points each and stand to win the grand prize of a few thousand dollars.

“The participants will draw lots for their partner. They don’t choose their partner. These teams of two cars must work together to clear the six km special stage and if the team doesn’t have two cars at the Finish Box, they will be penalized,” said  Badrulhisham bin Shahbudin, Advisor of the GK 4×4 Adventure Association.

The GK Kroon Oil International 4×4 International Off-Road Challenge’s programme is as follows:



Registration of participants at Dataran Shah Alam on site Alam Budiman


Open ceremony and flag off by Datuk Bandar MBSA at Dataran Shah Alam




Buggy -ss1 & ss2


Flag off participants EOZ by FT Minister YB Khalid Samad



EOZ participants finishing


Buggy-ss3 &ss4

Light core -ss1,ss2,ss3

Pick up -ss1,ss2,ss3

MPP zon 20 activity-

Flying fox

Wall climbing

Children sports


Open cabin -ss1,ss2

Camping -ss1,ss2



Buggy-ss5 &ss6

Open cabin-ss3,ss4,ss5,ss6


Light core-ss4,ss5,ss6

Pick up-ss4,ss5,ss6




Open cabin-ss7,ss8


Light core-ss7,ss8

Pick up-ss7,ss8


Dinner n Prizes Distribution night at ballrooms U3 Hotel Subang

If you like more 4×4’s and you’re in KK, Sabah, on 19-20 October, check out the Malaysia Autoshow Sabah at Penampang and the special displays by the Sabah Land Rover Club, the Toyota BJ40 Sabah Club, and the big daddy of them all, the display and scrutineering of Borneo Safari competition vehicles by the organisors, the Sabah Four Wheel Drive Association.


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