Innovation icon Mazda advancing Malaysia’s biodiesel initiative

POSTED BY Yamin Vong ON 17 July 2019


Surprising revelation from Mazda

Cynically speaking, car companies in Malaysia are not doing much to advance the country’s initiative to promote B10 biodiesel and B20 biodiesel in the future. This procrastination could be due to a disagreement that a food should be used for fuel.

Notwithstanding the philosophical dispute and in cognizance of Mazda’s engineering innovativeness, we took the opportunity to ask Mr Susumu Niinai about biodiesel at the launch of the all new, 7th generation Mazda3.

What he said surprised us.

“We’re working with our injection supplier to research and prove the long term reliability of the engine management system and the fuel injection system.

“Our research on bio-diesel beyond B7 to B10 and above is not only for Malaysia but also for the whole world,’ he said. Mr Niinai is the GM of Mazda’s Asean business office.

Datuk Seri Ben Yeoh, executive chairman of Bermaz Auto added that one Mazda SkyActiv diesel car had been delivered to the Palm Oil Research Institute (PORIM) for bio-diesel R&D, while PORIM had reciprocated by sending a similar model to Japan for collaborative R&D with Mazda and Denso, the vendor for the fuel injection system.

The 7th generation Mazda3 is a completely built up (CBU) model priced from RM139,000. This will put the model into the very competititive C-Segment.

But according to Ben Yeoh, the car is loaded with options and AI-enabled smart features such as face recognition to detect drowsy driving and voice-recognition for telephony.