Inaugural IAM car show opening elevates KK modified cars to regional level

POSTED BY Shuen Lim ON 29 September 2019

At 11:30 am this morning, the Assistant Minister of Education and Innovation YB Jenifer Lasimbang officiated the opening of the inaugural International Auto Modified Car Show at Sabah Trade Centre to an huge & excited crowd of car enthusiasts.

Also present at the opening was Zainudin Aman ,Director at Sabah Human Resource Development Department

With this show, it elevates Modified Car enthusiasts in KK to a regional level of competition and joining the IAM circuit in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Semenanjung.

It celebrates the car hobbists innovation and abilities to modify their car into something that is a personal art form.

To the extent some are so passionate that their car is almost like their wife.

Others like to modify the interior and make it as luxurious as a sitting room some like to paint their car with a variety of colours and air-brushing so that their cars look like a moving work of art.

While others like to modify their cars with the wheels cambered to the maximum , fondling called the ‘kangkang style’ locally.

She also stated that while much of this creation and innovation is due to the government’s support and infrastructure, we trust that there will be some focus on electrification and electric car.