IMI transforms accident repair education

POSTED BY Dinesh Appavu ON 28 April 2015


The Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) aims to revolutionise automotive training in the area of body repair and paint with its recently launched suite of eLearning resources that will enable easier training for industry professionals in the area of accident repair.

eLearning is a custom platform that utilises a mix of multimedia platforms to bring the learning process to life via interactive activities, 3D imagery and in-depth explanations. The platform will support students through the course in specific areas that include diagnostics, repairs and technology. It will also comprise functional skills such as language and mathematics as well as core skills like safety and communications.

“Having the equipment that can handle body damage is just the beginning. Increasingly, we see a strong demand by authorized car service centres as well as independent workshops in Malaysia for skilled individuals in the area of body repairs and paintwork. Training providers here have been looking for means to fulfil this need for some time, so we are happy to have the expertise in our eLearning team now to provide this,” said Matthew Stuart, senior manager of IMI South-East Asia

eLearning is already available in over 200 colleges and learning centres globally, including several universities in Malaysia offering Light Vehicle training. Beginning this month, it has also been extended to candidates undertaking Accident Repair qualifications.

The Accident Repair candidates will be given technical learning materials that cover topics such as chassis alignment, metal work, surface preparation and electrical trim. Paint topics include equipment, preparation and paint application are also included with additional modules set to be added over time until the complete curriculum is covered.

Training providers, schools or colleges that offer automotive courses will find the IMI eLearning platform suitable for its programmes. It allows students to study at their own pace whilst taking their learning preferences into account and allows teachers to monitor their progress through the system.

Schools, training centres or colleges that are interested to incorporate the eLearning programme can visit www.theimi.org.uk/elearning or contact the eLearning team at [email protected].