Illegal number plates: What’s going on, JPJ?

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 05 November 2014

THIS is a brand new car, fresh from the Perodua factory (see above).
Is the number plate displayed in line with JPJ requirements? I don’t think so.
There’s definitely no 10mm gap between the alphabets and the numbers as mandated by JPJ.
Even Perodua, the 2nd national car company is not complying with the so-called number plate ruling.
What is JPJ doing about it, apart from the director talking rubbish on TV and in the newspaper.
Our country is already 57 years old and our road transport department can’t even handle a very simple issue like this.
All they do is issue threats to motorists that summonses will be issued to owners of vehicles with number plates that do not comply with JPJ specifications.
Is it really the fault of car owners who bought their cars brand new from the car dealers, if the cars come out of the showrooms with number plates like these? You tell me.
What a ridiculous way of trying to enforce the law. Get to the source. Make sure the car dealers and distributors comply with the regulations.
Stop troubling the rakyat unnecessarily. Life is already so difficult as it is and here you are trying your utmost best to make it worse for the rakyat.
Rules and regulations is one thing. Using plain common sense when enforcing it is another thing.
I doubt the Minister of Transport even knows about this. Or should he even care?

Via email


Dear Editor,
Thank you for bringing the matter to our attention.
We wish to clarify that it is part of our standard operating procedure to adhere strictly to the guidelines stipulated by the Road Transport Department at all our sales outlets.
Nevertheless, we are trying to reach our customer to determine the truth of the matter and assist him in any way possible.
Again, we thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Perodua president and chief executive officer


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