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I want M’sians to respond to safety push

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 22 June 2015



THE country has been shocked by numerous tragic accidents involving aviation, land and maritime transportation and now Malaysians have been given a chance to have their say, albeit online only, on the setting up of a national transport safety board and the draft of the Malaysian Transport Safety Board Act.

As chairman of the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros), I am urging all to participate in the consultation that ends on June 30.

These series of transportation disasters had caused disturbances to community activities and national administration that includes loss of life, properties damage, economical loss and environmental damage to the nation.

Therefore, the establishment of Malaysian Transport Safety Board (MTSB) was proposed as a one-stop centre for transport safety to execute the functions of independent investigation, research, operation and monitoring of all modes of transportation activities involving land (road and rail), maritime (including river transport) and aviation.

The establishment of MTSB was one of the proposed recommendations from the Independent Advisory Panel Report to the Minister of Transport to Genting Highlands crash, which was presented to the cabinet on February 19, 2014.

Ministry of Transport Malaysia (MOT) and Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) developed the Draft of MTSB Act based on the amendments to the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research Act 2012 (Act 748).

THE objectives of MTSB are as follow:

a) To conduct independent, transparent and effective investigation that focuses on transport safety matters related to land, maritime and aviation to restore public confidence and identify potential continuous improvement in transport safety system.

b) To continuously conduct effective monitoring and surveillance operation holistically in a fair manner on the implementations of the proposed recommendations in transport safety.

c) To conduct high impact transport safety research, develop knowledge and information for continuous improvement towards a safer, efficient and effective transport safety system and at the same time taking in consideration of environmental friendly factor.

d) To ensure efficient, systematic and well-rounded post-crash management to support the crash victim and next-of-kin.

The public is cordially invited to participate online for the public engagement to point out their thoughts and opinion pertaining the establishment of MTSB and the Draft of MTSB Act via email [email protected]

Notices of the establishment of MTSB and Draft of MTSB Act are available online through the official website of Ministry of Transport (www.mot.gov.my/mtsb) and MIROS’ website (www.miros.gov.my/web/guest/mtsb).