I got stranded by the MCO in Sabah but instead I found an island paradise

POSTED BY Sri Fitrah Vong ON 06 May 2020


It’s not going to be a real secret when I’m writing about it and sharing with you.

However, this place I’m writing about is a small owner-operated Rungus-inspired longhouse and it’s never going to be famous like a Sheraton.

The beach is clean compared to Terengganu, and the sea is about as perfect as it can be for swimming — sandy bed, very gradual slope, and water so clear that you can see your toes standing 5 ft deep in water.

Imagine a kampung Club Med, with a view and location that’s better than Cherating Club Med, and important mod-cons like hot water (shower), air-conditioning. The wifi sucks so make sure that you’ve got a data plan and better still, have your own dongle with mobile hotspot.

The unique part of Naga Puri is that the row of ground-floor rooms are almost on the beach and they have full glass sliding panels with a full-on view of the South China Sea. Slide the panels close and with the air-conditioning on and your note pad or smart phone on the desk, and you’re working in the most exquisite corner suite in Malaysia — if you don’t mind some beach sand between your toes.

At night, draw the super efficient curtains over the glass sliding panels and you have the most privacy imaginable. The roaring sounds of the sea will cover up most sounds if you’re thinking of noisy music.

Kuala Penyu is about two hours by road from Kota Kinabalu and since 20 years ago, the discerning of Kota Kinabalu’s nature-loving denizens have invested in property here.

Also made popular by the Survivor reality TV series that was shot on location in Pulau Tiga, there’s a jetty near Kuala Penyu to Pulau Tiga and holiday packages on the island.

Rates start from RM150 a day (non-airconditioned) with lunch and dinner provided.

“Make your own breakfast from the butter, jam and bread in the fridge. Guests are welcome to use the gas hob to cook the Maggi mee and boil water for eggs and coffee. There’s one shelf in the fridge for guests’ use,” said Max Leong, the owner.

For more info: Call or whatsapp housekeeper Ms Leah at 011 1065 7782 or book at  Naga Puri Beach Retreat’s website:  nagapuri.com

The video of the story here: https://www.facebook.com/motorme.my/videos/1123836047997341/