HR-V boosts Honda sales to the top once again

POSTED BY Dinesh Appavu ON 05 March 2015


As the old adage goes; getting to the top is easy, staying there is the hard part. Honda Malaysia surged to the top of the non-national car sales charts last year; edging out Toyota that has been the leader for over a decade, with the introduction of popular new models that delivered segment-leading features at affordable prices.

The Honda City first got the ball rolling last year before the Jazz stooped in to keep the momentum going. Both models proved to be wildly popular with car buyers and slingshot Honda into the lead.

Honda is not keen to relinquish its lead and introduced another new model into the market that has been dubbed a game changer. The HR-V compact SUV delves into a relatively new segment in Malaysia and with its array of class-leading features, a quality finish and Honda’s competitive pricing has once again made it a winner with over 7,000 bookings in the first month and a waiting list stretching to four months.

The figures represent an all-time high for an SUV in the Malaysian market and it also indicates that buyers are willing to fork out extra money for a higher level of quality, as clearly demonstrated with 65 per cent of bookings going to the highest spec Grade V followed by 20 per cent for the Grade E and 15 per cent for the entry level Grade S variant.

Sales figures for the month of February clocked in at over 6,000 units with over 11,000 bookings penned in. Honda managed 6,522 units sold in January, maintaining its lead in the non-national car segment over its closest competitors, Nissan and Toyota.

Toyota has been on a bit of a downward spiral recently, with even Nissan managing to narrowly edge out Toyota in January sales by a hair’s width, moving 4,706 units against 4,064 units. However, Toyota are still riding high on their December 2014 sales that netted them 11,092 units against the 8,280 units by Honda and 5,473 units by Nissan.

Car sales tend to spike towards the year end as promotions, rebates and low-interest financing schemes come into play as dealers try to offload old stock. Naturally, the beginning of the year will see sales slow down its pace as buyers play the wait-and-see game, especially so this year with the impending implementation of GST.

A perfect example is the aforementioned Toyota sales figures with a whopping 7,028 units difference from December 2014 to January 2015.

As the hype surrounding the HR-V continues to soar, Honda will likely be holding on to their lead in the non-national segment for the coming month and are confident of hitting their 85,000 units target for 2015.


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