How to squeeze two bikes into a car, and a workshop

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 20 January 2016

IT’S an adventure cyclist or triathlete’s dream come through now that Honda have come up with a concept that turns its Civic Tourer into a transport for two bicycles that can double up as a workshop for the on the go repairs.

The main feature of this very tightly niched concept is a smart loading rack that can transport two full-size bicycles inside the car’s trunk, away from the elements and those low clearances — branches, bridges, car park entries, that have torn bicycles off the roof moorings.


The rack comes with a retractable arm that can extend outwards allowing for easy bike repair. Designers have also thoughtfully provided bottle holders, water tank, a toolbox, and front wheel holders (they have to come off for the bikes to fit inside), all nicely integrated into the sides of the trunk.

There is also a large light for night-time maintenance work, an integrated air pump, an extendable shade over the tailgate for those hot, sunny days as well as a retractable bench (for those who don’t feel like working).

Whatever can’t find its place among the two bicycles and the rest of the paraphernalia in the trunk should be stored in the aerodynamic roof box – stuff like cycling shoes or helmets.
wheel and gear shifter stitching or the seats’ lining.

Speaking about the concept car, Phil Crossman, managing director for Honda UK said: “This amazing Concept takes the Civic Tourer’s already incredible practicality and versatility to another level, with several extremely clever solutions to make the very most of its tardis-like interior space.

“While just a design study with no plans for mass production at this stage, it does go to show how our cars are ideal for customers with an active lifestyle, and we’re looking forward to hearing what visitors to the show think of it.”



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