Honda unveils cute S660 sports car

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 01 April 2015


HONDA this week showcased its new sports car model S660 to a large crowd of fans at its headquarters in Tokyo.

The diminutive convertible sports car is offered in six different colours and in premium and basic types.

The two-seater open-top sports car will go on sale on Thursday across Japan alongside a limited run of 660 units of a special edition S660 Concept.

It will be powered by Honda’s 660cc inline three-cylinder engine that has been fitted with a turbocharger with the unit mounted amidship. It will be available in both six-speed manual or seven-speed CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) with a paddle shifter.

This micro roadster is the spiritual successor to the legendary, Nineties-tastic Honda Beat, joining cars like the Suzuki Cappuccino and Daihatsu Copen in the highly underrated, diddy-drop-top Kei car class.


Under the current rules, Japan’s Kei-jidosha can be no more than 3.4m long and 1.48m wide, with tiddly 660cc engines — making it virtually a two-thirds scale version of the new NSX and a driver-focused cockpit.

Even though the tiny engine kicks out just 63hp, the car only weighs 830kg and Honda says the the aluminium and steel sub-frame is stiffer than the old S2000.

With a 45-55 front-rear weight bias, Honda says its engineers set out to ‘maximize the fun of turning’. But despite the RWD layout, don’t expect much in the way of micro-drifts: the S660 boasts brake-based torque vectoring for tidier cornering.

However Kei car safety standards are lower than those required in global markets so until Honda builds the S660 to meet those standards, it will remain a JDM car.


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