Honda Malaysia launches world’s fastest (FWD) production car: the all-new Civic Type R

POSTED BY Jason Tan ON 10 November 2017

The wait is finally over! Honda Malaysia officially launched the all-new Civic Type R, the most powerful Honda model ever to be introduced in Malaysia. This Honda hot hatch was crowned ‘Champion of Champions’ for having successfully set a new benchmark lap record of 7 minutes 43.80 seconds at the Nurburgring Circuit in Germany in April 2017.

At the launch ceremony at Malaysia Autoshow 2017, managing director and chief executive officer of Honda Malaysia Toichi Ishiyama said, “At Honda, we are committed to offer products that are of high value and also advanced in technology to provide joy to our customers, but we have also taken pride in ensuring we retain the core fundamental value in all our products that embody the elements of ‘Fun to Drive.’

“The all-new Civic Type R is a global model that not only carries the most advanced automobile technology, but also expresses Honda’s Racing Spirit & ‘Fun to Drive’ DNA. This is what makes Honda unique – we strive to ensure all our models provide the Joy of Driving to our customers,” added Ishiyama.

The Type R is Honda’s iconic racing and sports model that has gained a massive cult following thanks to its dynamic performance and being mechanically simple, a recipe that produces the best performance both on the road and race track.

The car is powered by a 2.0L VTEC turbocharged engine that offers a high output of 310Ps and a maximum torque of 400Nm. The high-performance engine is mated to a six-speed manual transmission that enables drivers to experience close ratio and precise shift feel.

The three-way driving modes offered in the Type R allow drivers to experience different dynamic performance in various driving environments. The COMFORT, SPORT and +R modes provide drivers with race car-like performance as well as the desired comfort that is required of a daily commuter. The driving modes control the adaptive damper system (ADS), drive-by-wire throttle (DBW), electronic power steering (EPS), vehicle stability assist (VSA), traction and brake system.

Designed as a hot hatch with a low and wide stance, the all-new Civic Type R was developed on the Honda Civic Hatchback platform with a high rigidity body frame. The outstanding exterior symbol that sets the Type R apart is the iconic red H badge which is the embodiment of Honda’s “Challenging Spirit” and racing legacy.

An icon in its own right, the Type R is designed to be race-ready from the inside out. The D-spoke leather steering with titanium silver trim provides sufficient hand grip to tackle the toughest turns on any track. The lightweight bucket front seats come in red panel pin stripe combined with carbon deco panel to complete the racing package. Every unit is built with its own special serial number plate positioned strategically on the center console –standing out as a constant reminder of the Type R’s exclusivity.

To provide the driver with a racing feel, the soft-touch switchgear is designed to deliver high-quality feel and positive action. It comes with standard features including the three-way driving mode integrated with three types of meter display. The illumination light and meter design changes based on the selected mode to offer three distinct looks and provides crucial information such as throttle response and brake input, turbo boost meter, rev indicator, G-meter display and lap time, depending on the drive mode selected using the console-mounted switch.

Safety wise, vehicle stability assist (VSA), anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control, electronic brake distribution (EBD) and dynamic guidelines are made available in the Type R. This latest Type R is also equipped with ISOFIX and a total of six airbags.

The all-new Civic Type R is an import model from Honda’s plant in Swindon, United Kingdom, while the engine is produced in Anna, Ohio (Honda of America Manufacturing Inc). The warranty for the Type R is five years with unlimited mileage at 10,000km service intervals.

The Civic Type R will be offered in the exclusive Championship White colour and is priced at RM320,000 (excluding insurance). In the past month, Honda Malaysia has received 60 bookings for the all-new Civic Type R, surpassing the initial target of 30 units per month.

Customers can visit any of Honda’s 20 Sport Dealers** to view and place a booking for the all-new Civic Type R.

Customers can also view the all-new Civic Type R at Malaysia Autoshow 2017 held at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS).

For more information on the all-new Civic Type R, 1-800-88-2020 or visit www.honda.com.my.


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