Honda Malaysia announces product update

POSTED BY Ayisy Yusof ON 24 September 2015

Honda Malaysia has announced a product update for its 4th generation City (2014 YM) and 3rd generation Jazz (2015 YM).

This product update will involve a total of 12,232 units of the City and 97 units of the Jazz due to improper hydraulic pressure control software involving the continuously variable transmission (CVT).

This campaign rectifies the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) through a CVT software update that contains a stress reduction software.

Honda Malaysia explained that due to the quick stepping in and releasing of the accelerator pedal at high speed, high hydraulic pressure will cause high stress to be generated to the drive pulley shaft and may cause the shaft to be broken and the vehicle may experience a loss of power during driving.

To date, there were no crashes or injuries related to this issue reported in Malaysia.

Other current selling models are not affected by this product update.

All affected customers will be informed via notification letters, which will include details of the product update.

Customers who receive the letter are advised to send their vehicles to the nearest authorised Honda dealer for inspection. Any charges related to the product update will be borne by Honda Malaysia.

Honda owners can also check their vehicle’s product update status by calling Honda’s Toll Free number 1-800-88-2020.