Heavy power steering: Proton Saga BLM

POSTED BY admin ON 16 July 2013

I NOTICED that the power steering of my 2009 Proton Saga BLM is very heavy, like there is no power assistance at all. I have changed the power steering oil but there is no improvement. Are all Saga BLM steerings on the heavy side or do I need to change the power pump?
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Reply: If the steering is very heavy, then you may be having a major problem. However, firstly you need to confirm the following:
1. Is there sufficient oil in the system?
2. Is the power steering belt tight and not slipping?
3. Are there any leaks?

If it’s yes for 1 and 2 and there are no leaks, then you may need to pull out the whole system.
Firstly, your mechanic can check if there is pressure coming from the out hose of the pump and if this is all right, then the steering rack may need to be pulled out and the valve assembly checked if it is working OK and not clogged with dirt or debris.
A clogged valve assembly will give you no assistance.