Getting personal with Peugeot 3008’s LCD meter cluster

POSTED BY admin ON 08 September 2017

Written by Kuhen K. Velusamy

Car manufacturers of today have a long list of requirements that they must address before unveiling a new model. From modern styling cues to advanced safety features, extensive research and design is needed to ensure buyers have a wonderful driving experience.

The same attention to detail is apparent in the all-new Peugeot 3008, both inside and out. Its impressive good looks and extensive features has earned itself the title of European Car of the Year, thus making this vehicle a worthy contender in the SUV market.

While some manufacturers may prioritise the aesthetics of the exterior or focus on providing a plush interior, Peugeot has clearly covered all the bases, not forgetting what the driver will be looking at every day – the instrument cluster.


The dashboard, specifically the instrument cluster of a car has become more complex than ever, just as how the mobile phones has evolved.  Mobile phones were once used just for making calls, and likewise, instrument clusters were just a collection of gauges and dials.

These days, we access the entire world from our mobile devices and in this social media-, real time update-crazed world, Peugeot offers a stylish and practical solution to ensure we get the right type of information to keep us safe on the road.

As a Peugeot owner myself, I have grown accustomed to the i-Cockpit layout in my 208 GTi. I love the amount of real time information I can access during my regular weekend drives with fellow driving enthusiasts. From navigation to mobile connectivity and fuel range info, the cockpit is as useful as it gets. The best part is the visibility one gets from having the meter cluster above the steering wheel. I barely need to take my eyes off the road to access valuable information – critical when doing more exciting speeds on smaller country roads.

The i-Cockpit in the Peugeot 3008 is the latest evolution of dashboard design and I’m pretty jealous with it because it made my GTi dashboard look aged. Gone are the analogue gauges as vital information is now fed via a 12.3-inch LCD meter cluster. The LCD display is similar to that on the Jaguar XJ or the B9 Audi A4, only with more stylish graphics, in my opinion.

There are three modes of display on the 12.3-inch screen – Basic, Dials, and Personal. Basic displays the digital speedometer but it’s when you select the Dials mode is when things become interesting. Two digital dials swoop up on the screen, with the left one showing the speed and the counter-clockwise rotating right dial showing the engine RPM, just like in an Aston Martin. The third display mode is called Personal, and in the test car, the left side of the LCD displayed fuel consumption and range details while the right side displays the engine RPM, only this time it ‘rotates’ in a circular manner instead of the regular ‘clock-face’ format. Very eye-catching and very French, I must say.

The 3008 comes with GRIP Control, essentially an advanced traction control system that helps the 3008 move on various surfaces. Every time one of the 5 modes on GRIP is set, the notification is displayed on the LCD cluster to ensure the driver is aware of the traction mode selected.

Complementing the main cluster is the 8-inch screen on the centre of the dash. With Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink connectivity, the display literally turns into your smartphone, allowing you to control your music, navigation and call functions. What that means is that you can still skip to your favourite track on Spotify while Waze warns you about the congestion up ahead without you having to fiddle with your smartphone while driving to or back from work.

Back in the late 80s and 90s, we fantasised about driving cars with dashboards that provide a myriad of information in funky digital readouts. Navigation, information and communication was all but a touch away from the driver. That fantasy is now a very tangible reality with the 3008’s LCD display cluster. With clear displays and logical, touch orientated operation, the 3008’s LCD clusters have truly brought driver and car interaction to the next level. All this without an exorbitant price.


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