Fractal membuka jalan untuk masa depan EV Peugeot, kereta yang lebih panas dalam perjalanan

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 02 November 2015

konsep Fractal futuristik PEUGEOT'S adalah peta arah pembuat kereta Perancis itu ke arah pengeluaran kenderaan elektrik.

It was first unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show earlier this year, but at the ongoing Tokyo Motor Show, Peugeot marketing and communications director Guillame Couzy said the company had multiple electric vehicles under development that will emerge over the coming years.

“We are already developing the new beginnings of a new electric platform,"Katanya. “In our product plan, you will see new electric vehicles for the Peugeot brand in the next years.”

The Fractal has a variety of futuristic systems that address the unique problems created by an electric vehiclessilent operation, and Couzy said the solutions are certainly something that would feature in future production models, GoAuto reports.

“For sure, it’s research for electric cars, and something we are working very strongly with the design people is the sound of electric cars,"Katanya.

Couzy explained that the sound an EV makes is important for both the driver’s enjoyment as well as the safety of other road users, but the Fractal was a “laboratory” and would produce marketable systemsbut he couyld not put a time frame on when or how many such vehicles would turn up.

Couzy also announced that the company is looking to increase the presence of its driver-focused Sport-branded vehicles with a performance variant for each model range.

The French car-maker has already confirmed that a GTi version of the 308 small hatchback will join the smaller 208 GTi and RCZ sportscar, but with a continued roll-out of the Sport banner, Couzy believes a hotter version of every model “could be” possible.

“Because we already have 208, now with 308 so we don’t put limits at this stage.

“At Frankfurt we presented the 308 R Hybrid, which is developed by Sport engineers but electric engines and 500 kuasa kuda. There is no limit to our imagination.”

Technologically speaking, a production 308 R Hybrid was completely possible but it was demand that would decide the vehicle’s fate.


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