Ford lets you turn its cars into models via 3-D printing

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 15 June 2015

IT used to be that for those into building models of cars, bikes, trucks or planes, they had to wait ages for toy companies to produce them.

But with the advent of 3-D printing, a model can be built at the touch of a printer button — as well as a click or two of the computer mouse.

Ford is now offering 3-D images for some vehicles suitable for printing models.

The Ford 3D Store, 3d.ford.com, allows customers to use advanced technology to make their own models of vehicles in the size and material they choose or opt to purchase 3D digital files.

3-D printed GT40

3-D printed GT40

F150 Raptor pickup

F150 Raptor pickup

Ford's 3-D Mustang model printed out.

Ford’s 3-D Mustang model printed out.

Available now are files for the new F-150 Raptor, Shelbly GT350R Mustang, Focus ST and Fiesta ST. More models will become available later, Ford said.

“3D printing at home is a growing trend and it makes sense for us to offer our customers a chance to make their own 3D Ford models,” said Mark Bentley, licensing manager of Ford Global Brand Licensing.

“At Ford, we’re using 3D printing every day to rapidly prototype parts, and now we want to share that fun with our fans.”

“TurboSquid (web company who built Ford’s website) already allows customers to purchase more than 1000 unique, licensed digital images of Ford products ranging from the Model T to the all-new Ford GT,” Bentley noted.

When someone purchases a model or digital image, they must register with the site – 3d.ford.com – and agree not to use the item commercially.


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