First Impression: Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus – The 100,000km tyre

POSTED BY Vishal Bhaskaran ON 25 February 2016

If the stats are to be believed, the average Malaysian car does about 20,000km per year of mileage. When Goodyear claims that their DuraPlus tyres can last up to 100,000km, this means a five-year ownership period on one set of tyres. Skeptical? So are we.

Goodyear Assurance Duraplus Launch 2015-0003

This writer’s Axia’s stock tyre size is 175/65/R14 and the tyres provided by Goodyear for this test are 185/65/R14, incidentally the exact size that the Goodyear Testing Division hit 100,000km with in Thailand; both wider and taller than stock.

Goodyear_Assurance DuraPlus sizes

Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus size chart.

This will be the most long term test drive in the history of Cars, Bikes & Trucks if we wait for that milestone before reporting back as to whether the tyres made it, but we will start with a few first impressions.

Chua Eng Soon of Sykt Aik Huat Tyre and Battery Service in SEA park — where the fitting took place — mirrors our skepticism about these claims, explaining that tyre maintenance must be near perfect to hope to achieve 100,000km where factors such as pressure and wheel alignment for example are concerned, not to mention as gentle a driving style as possible.

Goodyear_Assurance Duraplus_Pic 3

He also worries that the increased tyre height might lead to rubbing against the wheel arch if the car is loaded to the maximum.

That’s an interesting thought, given that the base Axia is the most affordable new car you can get in Malaysia today it would make a lot of sense for what is supposed to be the most cost-effective tyres available in the market to be made in the right size to fit it; a match made in affordable car heaven.

Goodyear_Assurance Duraplus_Pic 2

Back to the tyres, of course it’s slightly unfair to compare two tyres of different sizes. Grip and comfort have improved slightly as a result of the added width and height and over two days of testing it seems that the average fuel consumption has only suffered by roughly 0.2km/litre leading to 5km shorter travel distance per tank.

These are very rudimentary calculations but given that a set of replacement tyres for an Axia is about RM808 and a set of DuraPlus tires is about RM1,020 and you will theoretically change a set of “normal” tyres roughly every 50,000km, thats about RM596 of savings every five years.

One nickname we’ve heard so far for these tyres is “taxi tyre”, given that the USP is longevity as opposed to performance or comfort. Rather than take this as condescension, there is everything to gain by having tyres that could theoretically last as long as your time with a car.

Watch this space for our next instalment on the Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus after the running in period.

Goodyear_Assurance Duraplus_Pic 1


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