Enjoy the legendary off-roadability of your Landy at the PJL test track next weekend

POSTED BY Yamin Vong ON 13 January 2019



Man and Machine — test you and your Land Rover next weekend


The club has prepared a mild four-stage off-road track in conjunction with the LROM Loh Sang  weekend of camping and the traditional Loh Sang dinner at the Petai Jungle Lodge (PJL) in Karak.


It’s a one-way loop in a clockwise direction tracing the perimeter of the durian and fruit tree plantation that is PJL. Do not wander off the test track because there are many new young fruit trees which have recently been planted on the grounds.


The four stages were tested this weekend (dry weather) in a Land Rover Series 1 and a Land Rover Defender 110 without any damage to the test vehicles. However, after the test drive around the Land Rover Experience track, do check your undercarriage to remove the vines and branches that may be stuck underneath the vehicle or wound around the propshaft.


The main principle for this specific Land Rover Experience track is: Drive as slow as you can and as fast as you need.


Stage 1: Straddle the rut. A test for beginners to practise precision driving and coordination between driver and co-driver. Drive in Low Range, first gear.


Stage 2: Axle articulation. To test traction control and the legendary Land Rover “stepping” articulation. Low range, first gear, differential locked.


Stage 3: Side slope: Experience the lean angle of rigid axle trucks such as the Series Land Rovers, Defenders, Discovery Series I and II, Classic Range Rovers up to P38’s. A good time to practise teamwork between driver and co-driver. Low range, first gear, lock the diff after the turn.


Stage 4:  Whoopee pit with a steep descent and ascent. Enter slowly in first gear, low range, feet off the brake. As the front of your Landy reach the bottoms of the pit, change to second gear and charge forward to provide just enough momentum to carry your Landy up the steep ascent on the other side.


Recommended price is RM10 is for three laps of the circuit. See you on 19 January at PJL. for more info, please contact Club Secretary, Alyna Tai 012 3295 993 or email [email protected]



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