Electrification in the cards for Audi by 2020

POSTED BY ON 28 October 2014


STRINGENT fuel measures are pressuring carmakers to consider greener alternatives, and Audi is no exception.

The German company is expected to be committed to vehicle electrification to some extent by 2020 for its most powerful RS models, Drive.com.au reported.

Audi’s quattro division chief Heinz Hollerweger recently confirmed plans to adopt electric technologies and also indicated the possibility of future diesel RS models.

“The thing is we couldn’t and wouldn’t rule out electrification. This is a technology that gives us some additional performance,” he said.

He added that considering Europe is enforcing a stricter carbon fleet average of 95g per km in six years, Audi would consider any resolution that would help lower emissions, and at the same time, enhance performance.

The first models in line to adopt electrification will likely be its diesel fleet judging from the RS5 TDI Coupe Concept earlier this year.

With an e-compressor, the twin-turbocharged diesel has a claimed 0-100km/h time of 4 seconds.

“Electric turbochargers could be one form of electrification. It need not be an electric motor with battery. It could be also an electrified turbocharger,” Hollerweger said.

“It’s a fascinating technology. You get a bit more power in the high end and more torque at low revs. It’s a reasonable development and it’s ongoing.”

Hollweger said he did not think it would be possible to achieve the mandated lower emission average by 2020 without electrification.
Audi has already managed to drastically improve fuel economy in its latest V8 models, with the help of better engine materials and turbocharging.

The newest sports car on the block, the RS7 Sportback, was kitted with a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine. It records an average of 9.8L per 100km notwithstanding its 552hp of power and 700Nm of torque.

As it evaluates more green echnology for its flagship RS line, Audi isn’t ruling out performance diesel technology either.


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