Dunlop launches Malaysia-specific tyres

POSTED BY Dinesh Appavu ON 05 March 2015


Two models designed and formulated to meet local driving conditions.


Two new Dunlop tyres that are designed in Malaysia to best address the local road conditions and driving requirements were launched today by Continental Tyre PJ Malaysia, the proprietors of the Dunlop brand in Malaysia.

The Dunlop Formula D05 and the Dunlop SP Sport J5 were both designed by the Continental Tyre PJ Malaysia’s R&D department at their facility in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The tread pattern is specifically intended to meet the road conditions in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.


Dunlop Formula D05


It boasts improved braking and excellent wet grip in lieu of the wet weather our roads are subjected to. Another distinct feature of the two tyres that succeed the Formula D01 and SP Sport J3 are the sun and rain tread wear indicators that specify the advisable time to replace the tyres.

The disappearing rain indicator points out the tyre is no longer able to deliver optimum wet performance while the sun indicator disappearing soon after demonstrates optimum dry performance is compromised as well and the tyres should be replaced.


Dunlop SP Sport J5


“Travelling in the rain can be a nerve-wracking experience and, a tyre with superior wet traction can be a big safety benefit for drivers who need to travel at speed in wet conditions. Both our Dunlop new lines are 100 per cent engineered with German technology but designed with Malaysian road conditions in mind,” said Sim Wee Chung, national sales manager of Continental Tyre PJ Malaysia.

Performance is the key selling point for the Formula D05 while the SP Sport J5 is more comfort oriented and caters for B-segment vehicles.

Wiper blocks are a design element in the Formula D05 that increases the road contact area while the Edge-Effect reduces the thin film of water between the tyre and road for the best possible braking performance.


Reducing rolling resistance plays a vital bit in improving fuel economy and the SP Sport J5 utilises the new generation full silica compound that decreases rolling resistance as well as boosting wet grip. Water dispersion was also increased via a tie-bar design that works with a water dam mechanism.

Both tyres are now available at all 839 outlets nationwide, including the Continental Best Drive, Continental Stores, Dunlop Klinikar and Viking Stores. The Formula D05 comes in 28 sizes ranging 15-18 inches and the SP Sport J5 adds a further 17 sizes starting from 12-inches to 15-inches that ensure both lines cover over 90 per cent of the passenger car market in Malaysia.