Disappointed with KTM service (Letter to Editor)

POSTED BY admin ON 14 April 2015

We took the train from Johor Baru (JB) to Kuala Lumpur (KL) to study in the Federal capital. Recently, we travelled by KTM to JB again.

After 43 years, we find no improvement or difference in the KTM service. It takes longer now. Also, the city train arriving in KL Sentral should be within the operating time of other train services like the LRT and Kommuter so that commuters will be able to catch a connecting train home. The departing time from JB to KL should also be earlier at 2.30pm instead of 4.30pm to avoid any delay when arriving at KL Sentral after 11pm when the LRT service has ended.

We would like to invite the Minister of Transport, SPAD head and government officials to take a one day train trip in the morning at 8 to JB Sentral (having lunch) and from JB, the 4.30pm train back to KL Sentral to experience the journey (by 2nd class seats).

We could not see the signages in train stations in every stop as it was too dark with no signage light on the way back to KL Sentral.

After 43 years, China, Japan, Korea and Singapore have made themselves into very advanced countries. Malaysia still remains as it is 43 years ago in the area of transportation.

Why is it that we still cannot enjoy reasonable good transportation services in Malaysia? Malaysia only wants to sell cars, like there is nothing else to sell; how about the occasions when petrol was wasted in traffic jams?

Malaysian retirees

Johor Baru