Contestants of Proton Design Competition 2014 being shortlisted

POSTED BY CBT Team ON 23 September 2014

Proton Design Competition 2014 judges

Online and postal submissions for the Proton Design Competition 2014, which was open to budding young designers aged 13 to 25 years old, are currently being shortlisted by the judging committee.

The competition, divided into two categories – Category 1 for secondary school pupils aged 13 to 17 years and Category 2 for college students aged 18 to 25 years – is aimed at exposing Malaysian youths to the world of automotive design and nurture their interest at a young age.

Besides submitting the side, front and rear three quarter views of their designs, participants were also required to present a written proposal of the design concept the unique selling proposition of the car and the proposed engine system to be used in their concept.

Category 2 participants were also required to submit an additional piece with the interior of the car.

Winners are selected based on originality, innovation, aesthetics and presentation of the concept and proposal.

Two sessions of shortlisting have already been carried out on September 12 and 15 for the two categories, and there will be another round to select the best 10 from each category before finalising the winning entries.

“Some of the submissions are quite outstanding, coming from the young and inexperienced age groups,” said chief executive officer of Proton Datuk Abdul Harith Abdullah.

“This meets our objective in unearthing young potential talents so that we could provide the right exposure for them.”

The winners of the competition, who will be receiving attractive prizes including MacBooks and cash rewards will be notified by November this year.

The Category 2 winner also stands a chance to obtain an internship placement with the Design Team at Proton.


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