Compel workshops to pay parking bays

POSTED BY CBT Team ON 18 July 2014

Block parking

Hogging public parking bays fronting motor workshops is common practice but enforcement officers chose to turn a blind eye for reasons best known to them.

In Taman Maluri Kuala Lumpur, parking bays were not even repainted when a street was resurfaced around a corner tyre shop.

At the nearby Taman Shamelin Perkasa, workers at a popular corner café would place plastic chairs on all surrounding parking bays.

Sadly, the problem is endemic throughout the country.

Under the Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2020, it is the vision of City Hall to turn Kuala Lumpur into a world class city.

This would remain a distant dream as long as public parking bays can be commandeered by individuals such as jaga keretas or businesses with impunity.

Sadly, enforcement officers from city halls and town councils cannot be relied upon to carry out such simple tasks.

The best solution is to charge reserve lots for all parking bays fronting and surrounding a workshop when granting these businesses the licence to operate from shoplots.

The local authorities often pat themselves in achieving their own key performance indicators but the public judge them on what they see before their very eyes.

It would be a forgone conclusion when motorists fear to park at public parking bays with or without a chair, traffic cone or dustbin placed on it; or when five-foot ways in front of shops are blocked and sidewalks occupied by tables and chairs forcing pedestrians to walk dangerously on the road meant for motor vehicles.

Striving to establish the highest quality living, working and business environment benchmarked against the best in the world is indeed a laudable effort by City Hall but it should start with getting the basics right first.

YS Chan
Kuala Lumpur


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