Bersih di bahagian dalam dan di luar

POSTED BY Dinesh Appavu ON 22 disember 2015


Bagi pemilik kereta yang paling, rutin kereta kering terdiri daripada mingguan atau, pada yang paling, a fortnightly visit to the neighbourhood car wash for a wash and vacuum. That is all nice and good but to really keep the shine and new-car feel on the inside and outside, some extra effort is required.

The air-conditioning system of a vehicle is one of the most neglected areas in terms of hygiene as its humid and cool environment makes it a hotbed for germs, bacteria and fungus to grow before mixing with the air that we then breathe.

Almost everyone takes the air we breathe for granted, thinking that it is safe and clean when there are literally millions of germs, bacteria and fungus lurking inside the air-conditioning system.

Cleaning the vents and tubes was an extreme tedious and expensive task but now there is a simple and cost-effective solution with the Bactakleen Ultra Mist Anti Bacteria fumigation system that has been designed to eliminate up to 99 per cent of germs, bacteria and fungus in the system.

It is easy to apply and only takes up approximately 20 minutes with no dismantling of the air-conditioning system required.

The Ultra Mist particles are nano-sized, easily passing through the air-conditioning filter mesh without clogging it. While the filter does trap a large portion of particles and dust that would otherwise enter the system, it lacks the ability to eliminate biological contaminants such as bacteria and germs.

Ultra Mist will eliminate the bacteria and fungus particles in the air-conditioning filter without wetting the filter. The air conditioner filter will continue to function as normal to filter out dust particles after the treatment.

Headlight Restorer

On the exterior, washing may be sufficient to keep the body panels clean but the headlight covers will eventually oxidise and lose their lustre, turning yellow and murky over the years.

The sun’s heat and strong UV rays rapidly deteriorates the protective coating on the car’s headlights causing it to first turn white due to the oxidation and then gradually yellow. Not only is it not a pretty sight, the oxidised headlights also reduces the amount of light penetrating through.

This reduces the headlight’s ability to illuminate the road ahead.

Optimo Headlight restorer is a quick and simple solution to restore the headlight to original condition without the use of any machine.

Sebelum ini, cleaning the headlight cover required the use of a polishing machine that raised the chances of the lens being scratched and the cover oxidising again in due time.

The Optimo kit utilises a unique polishing pad that can be applied by hand which will quickly and effectively remove the oxidation and the special application cloth applies a special protective coating on the headlight to prevent the oxidation from returning.

Optimo are so confident in their product that they offer a six-month guarantee against the lens oxidising again after using the restoration kit. It also only costs RM69, making it a cheaper solution than sending the car to a detailing shop for the potentially-damaging polishing treatment.

For more information on the Optimo Headlight restorer and Ultra Mist treatment, contact Automotive Synergy at 03-7118 3633 or visit www.optimocarcare.com. Sebagai alternatif, you can also purchase it directly from www.syngergyautomart.com.


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