Cause of concern for Volvo-On-Call Malaysia?

POSTED BY Tony Yew ON 07 December 2015

As a publication, we are thankful for the support that we receive from both the auto industry as well as consumers. Once verified, we do all we can to get a satisfactory response for both the complainant as well as the manufacturer. We have already checked in with Volvo Car Malaysia and have received a response to this complaint. Please scroll down for Volvo’s response.


From: Michelle Pereira
Date: 7 December 2015 4:15:04 pm MYT
To: “[email protected], “[email protected], “[email protected]
Cc: “*****@cbt.com.my”
Subject: Complaint Letter regarding Volvo-On Call Malaysia


I am the owner of Volvo S40 and am writing this email to bring to your attention that I am not satisfied with the quality of services provided by Volvo On Call Malaysia. Yesterday, on the 6th of November, I experienced a flat tyre while driving on a highway in KL. It was approximately 9 pm and raining heavily, and I made 7 consecutive phone calls to your roadside assistance number. Each call was answered but each time either put on hold and later cut off, or answered unprofessionally and when I tried to explain what my predicament was, I was cut off abruptly. The fact that I was alone with a 2 year old baby in the car with a flat tyre on the side of a highway, and unable to get hold of your services, makes me very, very disappointed and genuinely questioning the validity of Volvo On Call. On top of that, I recently renewed my Volvo on Call coverage and chose the “Gold Plan”. If this is the level of the Gold Plan service, I wonder how much worse it must be for the Silver Plan.
I eventually called a local mechanic to come over and help me out, but I would like you to know that while I am not looking for a refund of my Gold Plan payment or even an apology, I would like it to be made known publicly- especially to female Volvo drivers travelling with young children, that the reliability and validity of Volvo On Call is much to be questioned. I have kept the editor of publication Car, Bikes and Trucks in Malaysia in CC to print this in his column, so that Malaysian women take the extra precautionary measures when driving alone and to have the phone number of a more reliable vehicle roadside assistance provider with them at all times.

Thank you.

Michelle Pereira

-response from Volvo Cars Malaysia-
We were put in touch with Volvo’s Customer Care Manager, Angelina who confirmed that the incoming call from Michelle (verified through her mobile number) was registered on the call log of the Call Service provider, Mondial, and indicated that it was a dropped call. Only one call was registered on the time indicated. Further to that no other calls was received by Mondial. Angelina added that a call back to dropped calls are normally initiated by Mondial, however because it was a 2 second drop call, no further action was taken.
We checked with Michelle and she informed us that she had indeed spoken to someone who was abrupt on the end of the line.
Interestingly, VOCM (Volvo-on-call-Malaysia) has two toll free numbers, which are both directed to Mondial. Our efforts to check back with Angelina revealed that Mondial could not confirm if both toll free logs have any issues as far as call recordings were concerned. Our request for standard operating procedures of Mondial was also turned down.

In view of the nature of the breakdown and complaint, we urge all drivers to be aware of their surroundings, as well as to have their service cente number ready at all times to avoid inconvenience as well as injuries, as stopping in an emergency situation on the road is always dangerous.

We thank both the complainant and Volvo for sharing these details with us. Happy Motoring.


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