New car gone bad – Will Proton make it good again?

04 January 2016

It is always a difficult task, trying to establish the facts of the case. Moreover this one affects a 6 month old car that is…

Autocare: Warning lights in disarray

28 September 2014

I own a five-year-old Proton Waja which was fitted with ABS. The ABS warning lamp has been illuminating quite often of late, going off after…

Autocare: Noise from steering column

25 August 2014

I own a reconditioned 2009 Lexus RX (third generation). I am puzzled by the knocking noise from the steering column. The noise only occurs when…

Wiper module

31 July 2014

I have a 1994 BMW 318i (E36) and it is now past 200,000km in total mileage. One of the recurring problems is perhaps to do…

Jerking when warm

30 July 2014

I have a 1998 Subaru Legacy GT (manual) which lately has had some jerkiness on part throttle. However, this only happens when restarting once the…

Seeking more SUV comfort

17 July 2014

I just bought new Hyundai Santa Fe CRDI 2.2 AWD. Its torque is superb but I’m not sure how to rate its suspension performance. It’s…

Fuel governor

02 July 2014

Thanks for the reply on my fuel governor. Apparently, you missed my car model and year. I own a 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190E. Contrary to your…

Autocare: Kia Forte battery lifespan

24 June 2014

I own a Kia Forte SX and the battery is already 40 months old. My car starts easily and all the electrical equipment is functioning…

On the high side

22 May 2014

I own a 2008 re-conditioned Audi TT 2.0 turbo and I noticed that the oil consumption is quite high. For every 2,000km mileage, I need…

Worn camshaft

16 May 2014

I need assistance to get a genuine part for my 1981 Honda Accord 1.6. I bought the car new and have been driving it since….


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