His first step into automotive journalism was during his cadet ship in Business Times in 1980 where his seniors were heavyweight writers about the world of business and finance. "My News Editor, Charles Chan, passed the car launch assignments to me, the young one, because these were considered below the dignity of the seniors such as A Kadir Jasin or Ahmad Talib or Bob Teoh to attend. "Of course, I was openly delighted and in 1981, Charles assigned me to attend the 1981 Tokyo Motor Show on the invitation of UMW-Toyota. At that show, many carmakers demonstrated their progress in turbochargers. Today, we can have a perspective of the three-cylinder turbocharged engine in the BMW i8.

Tun M’s Lifetime Automotive Achievement Award means a lot for automotive fraternity

11 December 2018

  I willingly confess that presenting the Lifetime Automotive Achievement to Tun Dr Mahathir, our Prime Minister, at the Car of the Year Awards night…

Hang On to your Smart Tag. Value going up.

17 August 2018

The Highway people recently said that they were going to introduce a new system and stop selling Smart Tags. This means that all of you…

Malaysia’s toll highways getting more deadly

24 July 2018

Dear Minister of Works, YB Baru Bian We think you can prevent more road deaths than any other person in Malaysia. You need to leverage…

Tun M – please stop playing with cars

06 July 2018

Dear Dr M,   I think you should stop playing with toy cars and concentrate on getting the criminals into jail. That’s what I think…

A call to help

13 April 2018

Off-roaders offer a unique solution to assist people living in normally inaccessible areas. Apart from conducting relief work during and after seasonal floods, many Malaysian…

Who is winning the EV race in Asean?

30 March 2018

Photos supplied by Charnchai Petchin There are only three contenders in the race to be an electric vehicle (EV) hub among Asean member countries. While…

New models and concept vehicles for 39th Bangkok International Motor Show

21 March 2018

Themed “Revolution in Motion”, this year’s Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS) will be the first for the Grand Prix group as a public limited company,…

National automotive policies: Loving well, and now, love smartly

19 February 2018

This is crunch time for the Minister of International Trade and Industry, Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamad, and his cabinet colleagues, as commercial reality bites home…

Know your Honda

13 February 2018

Just as we get into the hype surrounding Chinese New Year and hear the advice to motorists about traffic safety, perhaps it is time for…

Buying a used car with peace of mind. A paradox?

02 January 2018

You will have peace of mind if you are buying over your mum’s car. In most cases, however, you don’t know from whom you’re buying…


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