Automotive Man of the Year is Perodua’s “Captain Cool”

28 November 2014

  AT a moment when parts suppliers were crippled by natural disasters leading to disappointed customers due to unmet deliveries, one industry captain took it

Ride Big Bikes with an L-Plate

25 April 2014

Message: I am interested in buying big bike, pelbagai 500-700 cc. Please advice. I have the following questions. Can I obtain an L plate and

Fixed back seat

23 September 2013

IS it possible to change the Proton’s fixed back seat to the fold down type from the higher end model? Where can I get it

Ron95, truly?

23 September 2013

CAN someone confirm that RON95 sold in our petrol stations nationwide is actually RON95? – 0122909444 Balas: This question seems simple, but very pertinent. dalam…

In-car DVR

23 September 2013

I AM tempted to buy an in-car DVR recorder ever since I was bumped off the road by a lorry that cost me RM800 worth

No enforcement

23 September 2013

ON a recent holiday in Pulau Pangkor, I noticed motorcyclists not using helmets and three up. In the night they were racing on public roads

Silly lessons

23 September 2013

I STRONGLY agree with one of the readers who wrote in about our county’s driving school where learning how to drive in a Kancil is

Dangerous bike lanes

23 September 2013

I RIDE a bike to work daily from Puchong to Sec 14 PJ. It is good that lines are drawn on the motorbike lane. tetapi…

Crossing the line

23 September 2013

IF the police are asking youboleh saya buka saman?”, then they’re waiting for you to offer tosettle” dengan “duit kopi”. Those who are

Honda convert

23 September 2013

HONESTLY, I am not such a fan of Honda. But after looking at the specs and the bells the whistles that come with the new


maaf, tiada kiriman yang sepadan dengan kriteria anda.