Letter to Editor-SPAD’s reply

30 disember 2015

Dear Editor, Following the recent article published Dec 27, 2015, we would like to clarify on the issues raised in the editorial. Pada masa ini, there

Training approach to resolve public transport woes

26 disember 2015

Dear Editor, I refer to “SPAD must act decisively” (The Star, Dis 25) and wish to explain the issues raised by the writer regarding controversies

Cause of concern for Volvo-On-Call Malaysia?

07 disember 2015

As a publication, we are thankful for the support that we receive from both the auto industry as well as consumers. Once verified, we do

Letter to Editor: Happenings in the R&R

24 November 2015

16.10.2015 , Dear Editor, I have been transferred to Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar, on a promotion. pada 15 oktober, we (my husband, 3rd son

Car prices heading up

23 oktober 2015

More than a month ago, we said that car prices would increase and that the only thing holding back the escalation was who’s going to

Disappointed with KTM service (Letter to Editor)

14 April 2015

We took the train from Johor Baru (JB) to Kuala Lumpur (KL) to study in the Federal capital. Recently, we travelled by KTM to JB

How does Malaysia support so many cars?

05 Mac 2015

DEAR Editor Regarding your last editorial about the CNY traffic jam and its management (or the lack of it) in East Coast Highway. I travelled

Why the ban on electric motorcycles?

17 disember 2014

Dear Editor Motorcycles are banned in most cities in China as the authorities consider 2-stroke engines highly polluting. However electric motorcycles are common. Ia adalah…

Illegal number plates: What’s going on, JPJ?

05 November 2014

THIS is a brand new car, fresh from the Perodua factory (see above). Is the number plate displayed in line with JPJ requirements? I don’t

Pendekatan holistik diperlukan untuk keselamatan pemandu bas

20 oktober 2014

Following the stabbing of a RapidPenang bus driver on Oct 6 by a deranged woman passenger, Rapid Bus Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Zulkifli Mohd


maaf, tiada kiriman yang sepadan dengan kriteria anda.