Dev menghabiskan lepas 26 tahun berkhidmat dalam kapasiti yang berlainan dalam industri automotif. Utama syarikat sendiri, ACS AsiaPac Sdn Bhd focuses on Aftersales Training, Consulting & Services, he is passionate in raising the overall image of the Aftersales stakeholders.

Pain points at the service centre

16 Mungkin 2016

The number one factor for 82 per cent of motorists is having their issues resolved quickly. By DEVINDRAN RAMANATHAN CUSTOMER service in retail dealerships is

2016 Outlook: Gloom for many, bloom for some

05 januari 2016

By DEVINDRAN RAMANATHAN WITH the change in consumer behaviour through rising household and motoring expense, the retail aftermarket is poised for a year of increased

Essential tips when you buy a car in a Slowing Economy!

02 disember 2015

When the economy applies the “brakes” on the sales of new and used cars, great deals often follow in the mass media with manufacturers, distributors


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