Honda, Softbank developing cars with emotions

26 July 2016

HONDA is developing artificial intelligence for its cars that could create an emotional bond between its cars and drivers in partnership with Softbank Corp, the…

Superfast data transfer brings self-drive cars step closer

01 July 2016

SOUTH KOREAN university researchers have designed an enhanced electronic automotive transmission protocol that sends existing technology into the stone age, bringing the age of self-drive…

Nissan working on bio-ethanol powered fuel cell

16 June 2016

JAPAN car maker Nissan is aiming to deliver a Solid Oxide Fuel-Cell (SOFC)-powered system using bio-ethanol as the on-board hydrogen source to consumers by 2020….

Daimler heralds new EV architecture; confirms return of inline six engines

14 June 2016

DAIMLER says it is developing a dedicated, multi-model electric vehicle architecture for battery-powered vehicles. The global debut will take place at the Paris Motor Show…

BUDD-e China road trip drawing big attention

09 June 2016

VOLKSWAGEN’S BUDD-e concept electric car is attracting big attention on its tour of China to promote e-mobility, thge company says. The BUDD-e is the German…

Volvo looks out for pedal-power enthusiasts

04 May 2016

        Volvo Life Paint and the V40 Adventure Package caters for bicycle owners. Active lifestyles such as cycling often require the right…

Shell unveils cute fuel-sipping city car concept

25 April 2016

IT seems contrary to expectations but petroleum company Shell has announced the creation of a fuel sipping concept city car that could markedly reduce energy…

Dim and dimmer: US tests finds car headlights wanting

08 April 2016

LESS than desirable test results of headlights fitted to mid-sized cars have left some automakers grasping for answers. A study released this week by the…

Volvo calls for standardised electric vehicle charging infrastructure

29 March 2016

VOLVO believes the global automotive industry should strive toward the introduction of a standardised charging infrastructure for electric cars, says Dr Peter Mertens (below), the…

Mazda excels in NOx emission test in Japan

18 March 2016

MAZDA Motor has been the only domestic brand in Japan that emits no more nitrogen oxide (NOx) on road as on the lab-based emission test….