Mazda pricing to remain, says Bermaz

30 November 2015

Despite the affirmation from a number of manufacturers and distributors that their prices will go up come 2016, Bermaz; the distributor of Mazda vehicles in…

Honda achieves half a million vehicle sales in Malaysia

20 November 2015

HONDA Malaysia has announced that its vehicles sales performance has exceeded half a million units, marking its footprint in Malaysia. Its managing director and chief…

Volkswagen Group delivers 8.26 million vehicles worldwide in first 10 months.

19 November 2015

VOLKSWAGEN Group has delivered over 8.26 million vehicles to customers worldwide in the first 10 months of this year. However, deliveries of the Volkswagen brand…

October TIV inches higher

19 November 2015

THE Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) noted a slight increase of about 9.0 percent in October’s total industry volume, up by 4,648 units from last September….

MBM achieves milestone Star-ring 25,000th Actros

26 October 2015

The imposing Actros prime mover that rolled off the line at Pekan on September 21 marked a significant milestone for Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) and Mercedes-Benz…

Drop in vehicle sales

19 October 2015

VEHICLES sales for both commercial and passenger vehicles dropped by 4.4 per cent or 2,346 units last month compared with the month of August, according…

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is the star of 2015

08 October 2015

By Vishal Bhaskaran Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) broke so many personal records this year that it’s hard to know where to begin; June 2015, second quarter…

150,000 vehicles targeted for export by 2020

08 October 2015

THE Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) is targeting exports of at least 150,000 vehicles by 2020, whereas the total production volume in the same year could…

Will car prices increase? Or is it a case of “When?”

05 September 2015

By Yamin Vong   Many things are happening in Malaysia in the context of the world currency contraction (the opposite of quantitative easing) and the…

Export of Axia on the cards

10 July 2015

SEEING the high demand for energy efficient vehicles (EEVs), Perodua is considering exporting the Axia to Brunei, Mauritius and Sri Lanka as early as the…


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