Ode to theSon of the Beast

02 September 2016

By Dr Hardip Singh Gendeh MERCEDES Benz W124 E class which shares similar characteristics to the famed W140 S class has surpassed three decades and

Lennart Stegland and his sexy engines

20 Mungkin 2016

oleh: Yamin Vong Volvo is one of the most recognized car brands in the world for various reasons including robustness and safety. But its owner, Ford…

Rocketing the valet-on-demand

12 Mungkin 2016

HAVE you ever felt too busy during the weekend to send your car to the service centre and your annual leave is toovaluable” kepada…

Wise head, young shoulders

29 April 2016

oleh: Yamin Vong One of the most highly accredited independent workshops in Malaysia is NSS and its two branches, each with its own specialisation. The NSS

The Saga of loyalty and devotion

18 April 2016

Proud owner Steven Oorjitham has the ‘classicsince 1988 in good condition “THE car can still move?” That is one of the expression that

A good bus-iness plan

01 April 2016

LET’S not be vague about this: no matter how easy it is to convince our poor selves that it is easy to be detached from

Xcelling di keusahawanan

23 Mac 2016

The fairer sex would have us men believe that we are hopeless at multitasking. That if at all we were to foolishly attempt to do

Dealing with lazee-ness

06 Mac 2016

“WE’VE received a lot of odd requests from customers. Once, a man requested for us to deliver an Audi TT to his wife which he

Launderette boss with knack for speed

22 Februari 2016

SOME people may want something done but due to constraints such as space, knowledge and time, they do not have the convenience to do so….

Carving a fitness career

22 Februari 2016

People buy cars because of shape and style. Master fitness trainer, Vivian Loo, however bought the Mini Countryman because of its changeable interior light colours. “I was


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