MARii Launches e-Learning Platform

24 April 2020

#Yamin Vong Students of automotive engineering, robotics and Internet of Things can look forward to two free e-learning programmes. Initiated by the Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and…

Hard choices for Malaysia Airlines sale

24 April 2020

#Yamin Vong With global aviation in a tailspin, Malaysia will finally have to make some hard choices.In the new normal imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic and…

Discovering a legend

13 October 2019

Review of Land Rover’s Discovery Sport Here’s a unique approach to a test car. Two perspectives from an older woman and a 20something man who…

To B7 or not to B10, to be B20!?

17 June 2019

Would this be Positive or Negative for Malaysia Palm Oil Initiative Globally! Scenario: Crude palm oil (CPO), hovering around the RM2,200 per ton mark, has…

Balik Kampung, Balik Bandar!

14 June 2019

#motorme #coty #yamin Three tips you can consider for your next Balik Kampung holiday road trip. 1. Plan journey both ways. For some of us, we’re so…

Taximen demonstrators are the vocal minority, don’t represent the trade

06 November 2018

  Why some taximen demonstrate by YS Chan   From 2000 to 2010, I drove premier and budget taxis in the Klang Valley and later…

New monorail trains to roll soon

12 September 2018

Monorail riders take heart … new and unused trains set to roll soon if commonsense and the people’s needs are prioritised by the new government….

New Honda HR-V, champion of the compact SUV class

12 July 2018

Kuala Lumpur, 12 July   The new Honda HR-V is now ready for booking and deliveries will start from the third quarter of this year….

Kelab Volvo Klasik Malaysia at Malaysia Autoshow 2018

18 May 2018

Article and photos supplied by Kelab Volvo Klasik Malaysia It was Kelab Volvo Klasik Malaysia’s maiden outing at Malaysia Autoshow held at Malaysia Agro Exposition…

Fed up of diesel exhaust from garbage trucks?

24 April 2018

Garbage trucks collecting household wastes smell bad but worse is the diesel fumes and obtrusive loud engines of these mostly tired-out trucks. A revolution is…


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