The WoW Factor!

22 August 2019

The WoW Factor! State of Art Presentation on Jeep, Subaru at the New York International Auto Show. Curbside Classic Visits The 2019 New York International…

Would you hail a motorcycle e-ride when it’s legalised in KL

22 August 2019

#yamin Let’s support motorcycle ride-hailing services because it will be a low-cost transport solution that will help us be more productive and train the young…

Can you avoid Road Rage?

19 August 2019

#yamin Can you avoid being a victim of Road Rage? Will you be able to identify a potential road rager? It might save your life…

Free RFID chip from new TnG Digital for paying highway tolls

18 August 2019

#yamin I installed a free Touch n Go RFID chip on our office car today and it was a painless, swift process – 10 minutes…

Malaysia Autoshow Sabah in Kota Kinabalu

15 August 2019

Please Like, Share, Viral to your KK friends! Great News, Free Entrance! The Malaysia Autoshow expands its reach to Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. 15 AUGUST 2019…

Is the Third National Car Project a Japanese plot to keep on top?

13 August 2019

#yamin What do you think about the new national car project?   It’s a plot to maintain the dominance of the Japan auto industry and…

New Lotus EV supercar will be the most powerful

20 July 2019

  #yamin When Geely’s deal to buy a stake in Proton was announced, the big question was its plans for Lotus where it took a…

Innovation icon Mazda advancing Malaysia’s biodiesel initiative

17 July 2019

#yamin Surprising revelation from Mazda Cynically speaking, car companies in Malaysia are not doing much to advance the country’s initiative to promote B10 biodiesel and…

Will Hyundai Concept Pickup be realised?

10 July 2019

Let’s see whether Hyundai Pickup will make to our shores. Is the time finally right for a Hyundai pickup? http://ow.ly/eB6g30p6cm0

Credit card can replace the Touch n Go card?

10 July 2019

#yamin If you’re not entirely satisfied with the CIMB-owned Touch n Go card system, there is a technical solution where the SmartTag and MaxTAG tolling…