Covid-19 impact on our Automotive Industry

23 March 2020

#yaminvong22 March 2020 The world has changed in just one month.On 21 February, just a month ago, Malaysia launched its refreshed National Automotive Policy (NAP).Today,…

NAP; Dinosaur juice versus Electricity!

19 February 2020

#yaminvongDinosaur Juice National Automotive Policy.Malaysia is going to launch its refreshed National Automotive Policy (NAP) this Friday but going from what we already know from…

Land Rover Refit Accessories

16 February 2020

Andrew Yeoh is not your average sort of foreman because he was initially a graphics guy in advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi. The primary item…

Malaysia’s National Automotive Policy (NAP) v 3.0

10 February 2020

#yaminvong #motorme.my Now that Malaysia’s National Automotive Policy (NAP) version 3.0 has been approved by the Cabinet and is ready for the official rollout by…

Volvo C303

Volvo C303 Rebuilt

10 February 2020

#YaminVong interview Dave Stewart on his Volvo C303 military-spec . It is being rebuilt at Andrew Yeoh’s workshop in a large ground at Taman Desa, Kuala…

BMW Electro Mobility 2020

06 February 2020

#yaminvong BMW Electro Mobility 2020 Premium automaker BMW continues to be the market leader for electrified vehicles worldwide and in Malaysia. And upholding its commitment…

The Malaysia COTY 2019 Media Resources

09 January 2020

The judges voted the Proton X70 as their favourite for the Overall Car Of The Year. The 19 category winners are:Sedan & Hatchback1 Entry Level…

The 19 Best Cars of 2019 !

09 January 2020


COTY 2019 Awards

07 January 2020

A quick shout out to all influencers, vlogger, bloggers. Catch the 18th COTY 2019 Award presentation and Photography session on Thursday 9 January at 9am….

Westpeace JE-50 smallest portable fire extinguisher

29 December 2019

#yaminvong Packing a fire-extinguisher in a privately-owned car is a high-minded thing to do. For public service vehicles like taxis and buses, they are required…