The Malaysia COTY 2019 Media Resources

09 January 2020

The judges voted the Proton X70 as their favourite for the Overall Car Of The Year. The 19 category winners are:Sedan & Hatchback1 Entry Level…

The 19 Best Cars of 2019 !

09 January 2020


COTY 2019 Awards

07 January 2020

A quick shout out to all influencers, vlogger, bloggers. Catch the 18th COTY 2019 Award presentation and Photography session on Thursday 9 January at 9am….

Westpeace JE-50 smallest portable fire extinguisher

29 December 2019

#yaminvong Packing a fire-extinguisher in a privately-owned car is a high-minded thing to do. For public service vehicles like taxis and buses, they are required…

Indonesian President Jokowi Long Midang border Visit Dec 19, 2019

26 December 2019

Indonesian President Jokowi also visited the Long Midang border point which was the TransBorneo Last Frontier’s entry into Kalimantan Utara from Malaysia’s Ba’Kelalan. Indonesia’s plan…

Train Winching

22 December 2019

Train winching is good in theory and hard to practise. But the TransBorneo Last Frontiers was so tough that we used it until almost everyone…

TransBorneo Last Frontiers Part 2

14 December 2019

#Yamin Part 2- The Killer Hills On hindsight, it would have been better if one of the heavily modified Nissan Patrols with Power Takeoff (PTO)…

TransBorneo Last Frontiers

14 December 2019

#yaminvong Part 1 The adventure begins. This story is for off-roaders who love the adventure of going to places never been before – way off…

Indonesia Takes a Bold Step to Electrify Taxis

11 December 2019

Jakarta, Indonesia, December 9, BYD proudly announced the signing of an order for 200 T3 pure electric vans with PT Blue Bird Tbk, the biggest…

The DS 7 Crossback: French fried flair

11 December 2019

Standfirst: Imagine a car like French fries. You can start with good quality spuds, but how good they taste will depend on the oil, heat…