Buying a used car with peace of mind. A paradox?

POSTED BY Yamin Vong ON 02 January 2018

You will have peace of mind if you are buying over your mum’s car. In most cases, however, you don’t know from whom you’re buying the car nor the car’s history.  Malaysian company AucNation Sdn Bhd has teamed up with Japan’s AucNet to provide a solution.

For a fee of about RM150, AucNation will assess the car and send an official report in two days.

Here is how it works: You call or visit AucNation’s website and make an appointment at your preferred location. A two-person team will check your car in two ways:

1 – There is a physical inspection of the car’s paintwork and whether the panels are “straight” (not previously repaired or a “cut-and-joined” job).

2 – There is an electronic inspection. The vehicle inspector downloads the car’s data via the OBD2 port of the car. Most cars made after 1995 have an OBD2 port behind the driver’s ashtray or under the dashboard. The California Air Resources Board mandated companies selling their cars in California to equip their cars with a standardised OBD2 port so that emission parameters and the engine’s state of tune could be easily monitored.

AucNation will send a certificate detailing the condition of car and its legal status within two days of the vehicle inspection.

Aimed at uplifting the used-vehicle industry in Malaysia, AucNation Synergy has a strategic alliance with the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) for the training of vehicle inspectors.

In addition, the two organisations will identify protocols in current and future offerings that will address the specific needs of Malaysia’s used-vehicle industry. In essence, this strategic alliance will lead to more streamlined functions, resulting in a more efficient and reliable vehicle inspection and related services in the country.

Datuk Nik Izani B Nik Ibrahim, chairman of AucNation Synergy said in a statement, “AucNation Synergy is pleased to collaborate with MAI as it supports our core commitment to the education, service and transformation of the used-vehicle industry in Malaysia.

“Through this, we will create a larger pool of trained and certified vehicle examiners to manage the industry’s inspection needs. We will also expand the use of technology within the country’s used-car industry using the Vehicle Inspection System (VIMS).”

In partnership with Japan’s Automobile Inspection System (AIS) database, VIMS will certify the quality of used and reconditioned cars through comprehensive visual and diagnostic analyses.

“AIS is a top inspection company for Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan and Mazda in Japan and it gives AIS a leverage on technology and Japanese expertise to provide in-depth analyses and accurate scoring of the inspected vehicles.

“Through VIMS, we are able to contribute to the industry in an effective and practical manner, while promoting a more reliable and secure trading experience for businesses and consumers,” Nik Izani explained. Nik Izani is the second generation of Bumiputera AP holders who pioneered the parallel car import industry in Malaysia.

Commenting on MAI’s involvement in this AIS-VIMS alliance, MAI’s chief executive officer Datuk Madani Sahari said, “MAI actively identifies strategic partners who can harness technologies and expertise to add value to the used-vehicle industry in Malaysia. We are pleased that VIMS’ OBD 2 has been introduced into the Malaysian market as an international car diagnostic system with a capacity to run diagnostics on any car brand system, including our national vehicles, minus the risk of malfunction due to system conflict or virus attack.

“Together with the dedicated inspection training programme, VIMS has the potential to uplift the used- and reconditioned-car trade in Malaysia, and we look forward to see the results of our collaboration.”

Specifically designed using official manufacturer codes supported in English, the OBD 2 device is an innovative product that resulted from the close collaboration between VIMS and AIS as well as DENSO for technology transfer to be used for the first time in Malaysia.

MAI also explained that the launch of VIMS is in line with the goals of the End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) initiative under the National Automotive Policy 2014, where about 300 inspection centres are required around Malaysia and owners are encouraged to send their vehicles for checks to ensure safety.

For more information about VIMS by AucNation Synergy or the training programme with MAI, visit www.aismsia.com 

Below is a quick description of the Vehicle Inspection Management System (VIMS).

The Vehicle Inspection Management System (VIMS) is a web-based inspection check for used and reconditioned vehicles – a procedure that can be completed within 30 to 40 minutes.

VIMS comprises:

  1. Visual Analysis (VA) via Pen Based Computer (PBC)

The VA covers:

  • Main frame (accident history, repair or replacement of parts)
  • Exterior (cracks & dents, sheet metal paint and panel replacement)
  • Interior (smell, seat condition, condition of accessories)
  • Basic mechanical faults (oil leak, abnormal noises, excessive exhaust smoke)
  1. Diagnostic Analysis (DA) via On-Board Diagnostic 2 (OBD 2)

The DA covers the following:

  • Health check (engine and transmission)

The data from the analysis are stored on a web server for reporting. The data of a used vehicle can be easily retrieved. Customers will receive a VIMS Certificate of Inspection, issued within 48 hours and valid for 90 days.

This means VIMS offers a highly accurate and fair scoring on the condition of any used or reconditioned cars, taking into consideration the exterior to interior as well as electronic elements. Thus, you can rest assured of the safety and quality of the vehicle, making your trading experience more effective, reliable and secure.

VIMS is powered by Automobile Inspection System (AIS), Japan, and supported by the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI).


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