Volvo aiming to put the joy back into commuting

19 November 2015

VOLVO’S pursuit of autonomous driving has now turned to the cabin environment, where they aim to create a space for drivers to make best use

XC90 Dynamite dengan tweak Polestar

05 November 2015

THE first Polestar tweaked XC90 Volvo SUV is set to debut in Britain. The seven-seat XC90 will receive a series of Polestar-developed upgrades. This is

Kawasaki lifts curtain on new Z125

27 oktober 2015

KAWASAKI has revealed its new Z125 in a promotional video over the weekend, along with its first official images and more detail on the bike….

Volvo enters age of EVs

16 oktober 2015

VOLVO is going to introduce plug-in hybrid cars across its entire model range and build a fully electric car that will go on sale by

Volvo will back its self-drive cars in court

09 oktober 2015

HAKAN Samuelsson (betul), the chief of Volvo Cars, has indicated that the Swedish brand will assume legal responsibility if one its autonomous vehicles is involved

Volvo using advanced simulator to improve driving experience

07 oktober 2015

VOLVO Cars has become the first premium car maker to purchase the world’s most advanced Vi-Grade chassis simulator – the same equipment used by Ferrari

10 pengeluar yang kira-kira untuk membuat kereta mereka lebih selamat secara percuma

14 September 2015

Forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking is about to become a standard feature in vehicles made by Audi, BMW, Ford, Mazda, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz,…

Despite uncertainties, car makers fill inventories with new models

11 September 2015

COMPETITION has forced car makers to release a host of new models for 2016 targeting all sectors of the market, despite uncertainties caused by a

Volvo’s XC90 superb in Euro NCAP testing

07 September 2015

VOLVO has reaffirmed its reputation as a safety leader with its XC90 large SUV scoring 100 percent for Safety Assist in the latest round of

Volvo Trucks anjur Program Pendidikan Teknikal

26 ogos 2015

Volvo Trucks (Volvo), yang beroperasi dibawa Volvo Malaysia mengumumkan kerjasama dengan TAFE College Seremban (TCS) untuk pelajar dibawah Program Pendidikan Teknikal (TEP) dalam objektif membantu

Volvo V40 T5 Drive-E

Starting from RM180,888

Volvo S60 T6

Starting from RM238,888

Volvo S90 T8 TE Inscription/TE Inscription Plus

Starting from RM368,888

Volvo V90 T5 & T6 R-Design

Starting from RM393,888

Volvo XC60 T5 & T6

Starting from RM266,888

Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine

Starting from RM403,888


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