Raya dengan Nissan

04 June 2015

Pelbagai promosi diadakan untuk pengguna Bagi anda yang sedang mencari kenderaan baharu, ini mungkin adalah masa yang sesuai untuk melakukan pembelian kerana musim perayaan sudah…

How Nismo preps for Le Mans 24-hr battle

01 June 2015

IN THIS Nismo video, experts from Nismo and Motul show off the intricacies of developing oil for the Nissan GT-R LM Nismo’s powertrain, which will…

UN action needed for cars to go autonomous, says Renault

20 May 2015

AUTONOMOUS vehicles are being tested on public roads around the world, but they will need clearance from the United Nations before they will be accepted…

Nissan ready to put self-drive cars on the road

19 May 2015

NISSAN will have vehicles packed with autonomous driving technology in the next five years but whether people will be able to drive them on roads…

Sexy Aston Martin glows

19 May 2015

A NEW Zealand inventor has made cars glow in the dark. Hamish Scott, who revolutionised walkways with glowing paths, has now developed a UV formula…

Test drive: Nissan X-Trail – X-rated ruggedness

07 May 2015

The new Nissan X-Trail now comes with more curves and is X-citingly swift GENERALLY, anything that is curvy is aesthetically more appealing and attractive. It’s…

Drift king gives Nissan GT-R with 1,000 horses a shakedown

29 April 2015

THERE are many things the Nissan GT-R excels at, but thanks to its all-wheel drive, drifting typically isn’t one of them. But this is no…

Pick of the week: Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

24 April 2015

In our new segment covering the entire spectrum of car types and niches, we trawl the classifieds in search of interesting automobiles in the second-hand…

ETCM Lancar Kempen Keselamatan Nissan 2015

20 April 2015

Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) telah melancarkan Kempen Keselamatan Nissan 2015 di LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort. Kempen Keselamatan Nissan ini di jalankan bagi meningkatkan kesedaran, pengetahuan…

Toyota engineer questions EVs green crendentials

18 April 2015

BATTERY-powered electric vehicles don’t have a practical future as a long-range alternative to conventional cars even if technological breakthroughs allow them to be charged quickly,…

Nissan Teana 2.0

Starting from RM137,000

Nissan Teana 2.5

Starting from RM147,500

Nissan Almera 1.5

Starting from RM68,500

Nissan LEAF

Starting from RM180,566

Nissan Serena-S Hybrid 2.0

Starting from RM133,000

Nissan Grand Livina 1.6

Starting from RM87,100

Nissan Grand Livina 1.8

Starting from RM102,800

Nissan X-Gear 1.6

Starting from RM91,100

Nissan X-Trail 2.0 2WD

Starting from RM137,000

Nissan X-Trail 2.5 4WD

Starting from RM159,200

Nissan Navara 2.5 4WD

Starting from RM81,900


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