A Discovery baru di Malaysia Autoshow 2017

07 November 2017

Pelawat ke Malaysia Autoshow 2017 hujung minggu ini (november 9 -12) akan gembira dengan prebiu bagi Land Rover Discovery serba baru bagi…

Jaguar Scuderia dalam Formula E dengan barisan tiga kereta

20 September 2016

JAGUAR has unwrapped its Formula E contender to reveal its Formula E team’s official name, vision, title sponsor, driver line-up and electric racing livery. daripada…

Jaguar expands Ingenium powertrain family

13 September 2016

JAGUAR Land Rover will expand its Ingenium powertrain family, unveiling new technologies for both current and future vehicles this week. The new additions will support

Hands free off roading anyone? Jaguar Land Rover reveals intelligent technology for rough stuff

14 julai 2016

Jaguar Land Rover’s vision is to offer autonomous driving on any terrain Next-generation sensing technologies will be the eyes of future all-terrain autonomous cars –

Events galore at My Auto Fest

06 April 2016

Promises to be a pleasurable family outings MAJOR car brand owners are topping the list of participants in the My Auto Fest 2016 sales carnival

Hyper-passion and hyper-efficient gala

30 Mac 2016

WHILE other auto shows fascinate the crowd with seductive curves and silhouettes painted with striking colours, this year’s New York Auto Show took on the

JLR pours money into connected and autonomous driving

02 Februari 2016

JAGUAR Land Rover is participating in two new projects in the UK worth a combined £11 million (RM66.1 million) to advance connected and autonomous vehicle

Enhanced F-Type roars into Geneva

28 januari 2016

THE new Jaguar F-TYPE SVR will make its global debut at the Geneva Motor Show, the company announced. Capable of 320km/h, the new panther-badged F-TYPE

Formula E : Jaguar joins the grid

16 disember 2015

JAGUAR is bringing its legendary racing heritage to Formula E. The British company announced it was returning to global motorsport with a team entry in

‘Jetmanhits 313km/h but no match for Jaguar’s XJR

15 disember 2015

JAGUAR have staged a contest between its XJR and the FrenchJetmanYves Rossy with the XJR coming out tops. Rossy, is a Swiss air

Jaguar XE 2.0

Starting from RM340,000

Jaguar XE 3.0

Starting from RM580,000

Jaguar XF

Starting from RM450,000

Jaguar XJ

Starting from RM698,000

Jaguar F-Type

Starting from RMP.O.A

Jaguar F-Pace 3.0

Starting from RM598,000


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