New research gives hybrids big green tick

04 August 2015

HYBRID electric vehicles have got a big green tick from researchers in the US who have found that their fuel efficiency in real world conditions…

Victory’s Empulse TT electric bike goes live

31 July 2015

AMERICAN bike maker Victory has unveiled its first battery-powered bike. The Empulse TT is mostly an update of a Brammo model of the same name….

Suzuki files patent for hybrid sportsbikes

22 July 2015

THERE are two kinds of motorcycles on the market at the moment — those that still rely on fossil fuel and those that are motivated…

Fuel cell i8 just whooshes past

17 July 2015

BMW showed off two different prototype vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells, part of its technology partnership with Toyota on advanced powertrains, at its Miramas…

Test Drive: Toyota Camry 2.5 Hybrid – Laidback and all the better for it

15 July 2015

Space and serenity are precious commodities nowadays, especially for urban folk. Amidst the daily hustle and bustle, there is hardly anything better than to retreat…

VW has ways to meet tougher emissions laws

09 July 2015

AS VOLKSWAGEN rolls out its Euro 6-compliant small diesel engine in time for a mandated September 2015 deadline, a senior engine programme manager has reacted…

P1’s hybrid tech to trickle into McLaren range

09 July 2015

McLAREN has confirmed that the P1′ supercars ultra-hybrid technology will filter down to more affordable models, with half of the British marque’s line-up expected to…

Can clean diesel run greener than hybrids?

25 June 2015

By Ayisy Yusof SINCE its launch early this year, the Mazda 2 has raised the bar and set new grounds in terms of opulence and…

Morgan goes electric with EV3 3-wheeler

24 June 2015

BRITISH sports car maker Morgan has revealed the first images of an electrically powered three-wheeler concept car which it says will enter production in 2016….

Germany ready for more e-cars — study

18 June 2015

GERMANS are very satisfied with their electric vehicles with 84 percent saying that they would happily recommend them to others, according to a study of…

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