Continental debut turbocharger in 2012's Best New Engine

01 August 2012

Developed by Continental and manufactured by Schaeffler, Continental’s new turbocharger has made a successful market debut in Ford’s new 1-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost engine. The aforementioned…

Torque-ing up for the corners – Torque Vectoring Control

30 July 2012

In the mid 1990s, during the glory days of World Rally Championship (WRC), car makers have an almost limitless development budget. Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru and…

Focus on Active Safety – Autonomous Emergency Braking

28 July 2012

According to Continental AG, 22 per cent of all accidents in Germany involving personal injuries are rear-end collisions. Three quarters of all reported accidents occur…

2,536km On A Single Tank – Ford Mondeo with Continental Tires

26 July 2012

Using just 70.93 liters of diesel to cover 2,536.4 km, the Norwegian duo of Knut Wilthil and Hanrik Borchegrevink set a new fuel saving record…

Basic Fiesta 1.4LX manual is back, with more airbags!

20 July 2012

Ford Malaysia has reintroduced the base Fiesta 1.4LX hatchback with a manual transmission, now with seven airbags and a list price of RM69,999 OTR with…

Ford Mustang – Now In Philippines

20 July 2012

Ford Philippines launched the new Mustang for the Philippines market in Manila yesterday, with deliveries starting from September. To variants are available, the 3.7-litre Mustang…

European Car Market Lowest Since 1994

18 July 2012

Weak demand for new cars across Europe has left the European car market at its weakest since 1994, says Ford Motor Company. Ford reported its…

Park Assist For The People, One Small Step to Autonomous Driving

13 July 2012

Will Smith starred in the 2004 futuristic movie I-Robot which was set in the year 2035. The movie producers, working alongside Audi, envisioned a world…

60,000 attended Sime Darby’s motor show

02 July 2012

Super GT 2012 may have been over but the memories made will remain everlasting for Sime Darby Motors Division and an insight into the company’s…

Going further with the all-new Ford Ranger

28 June 2012

SDAC launched the all-new T6 generation Ford Ranger today. With 850 bookings already received before its launch, it is set to be a runaway seller…

Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost

Starting from RM98,488

Ford Fiesta 1.5 Sport/Titanium

Starting from RM88,388

Ford Focus 1.5

Starting from RM118,888

Ford Mondeo 2.0 EcoBoost

Starting from RM200,388

Ford EcoSport 1.5 Titanium/Trend

Starting from RM92,988

Ford Kuga 1.5 GTDI EcoBoost

Starting from RM164,888

Ford S Max 2.0 EcoBoost

Starting from RM234,988

Ford Everest 2.2 Trend 4x2 & 3.2 Titanium 4x4

Starting from RM198,888

Ford Ranger


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