Kia tipped to market rear-wheel drive sports sedan soon

08 Februari 2016

KIA is reportedly planning on launching its first rear-wheel-drive model in the mid-sized sedan market sometime in 2017. The new offering, dubbed a ‘sports sedan’

New BMW 7 Series redefines driving luxury

29 januari 2016

oleh: Amirul Hazmi BMW Group Malaysia has redefined the idea of modern luxury in the premium automotive segment with the introduction of the all-new BMW

Bike Bits: Adventures of a Multistrada; Suzuki’s pocket Gixxer; Two-wheel drive BMW

31 disember 2015

DUCATI is releasing a series of promotional videos which the burgeoning Italian company demonstrates the capabilities of the Multistrada 1200 Enduro. The first shows the

Bike Bits: BMW G310R video; Honda’s CB Concept, Mugen electric racer; New helmet design

23 disember 2015

BMW has released a promotional video of its brand new small bike, the G310R, posted on the YouTube channel MotorcycleDreams. Built in partnership with Indian

BMW M4 GTS attacks Nurburgringfull video

23 disember 2015

BMW has finally released a video of its new M4 GTS circulating Nurburgring in a time of 7min 28sec. Released two months ago, the M4

BMW announces i8 Spyder for next year

08 disember 2015

BMW looks set to debut the i8 Spyder as soon as March next year, after confirmation of the project from the company’s top brass –

German automakers throw weight behind HERE map app

08 disember 2015

AUDI, BMW and Daimler want to turn their cars into real-time sensors that will provide data to the HERE map service they recently purchased from

Bike Bits: BMW goes small; Ducati video spills the beans on new models

13 November 2015

BMW Motorcycles said Wednesday it will increasingly smaller cc models and even electric bicycles in a bid to boost sales growth over the next five

Test Drive: BMW 120i M Sport — The bachelor special

19 oktober 2015

Baby Beemer is the last of the short lived 1 Series rear-propelled era If you want a 1 Series in Malaysia there is but one

rumah baru untuk BMW dan MINI di Setia Alam

15 oktober 2015

Wheelcorp Premium Sdn. Bhd., pengedar 4S baru untuk kenderaan BMW dan MINI, secara rasmi dibuka hari ini untuk menampung pelanggan dan pemilik dalam…

BMW 1 Siri

Starting from RM176,800

BMW M2 Coupe

Starting from RM504,800

BMW 3 Siri

Starting from RM205,800

BMW 4 Siri

Starting from RM338,800

BMW 5 Sukan Seri M

Starting from RM388,800

BMW 6 Seri Gran Coupe

Starting from RM788,800

BMW 7 Siri

Starting from RM598,800


Starting from RM230,800


Starting from RM296,800

BMW X4 Sports Activity Coupe

Starting from RM396,800

BMW X5 M Sport

Starting from RM388,800

BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe

Starting from RM640,800

BMW i8

Starting from RM1,211,800


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