Audi’s finds new way to power next A4

12 May 2015

AUDI introduced its new series-production 2.0 TFSI gasoline turbocharged direct injection engine for the first time at last week’s Vienna Motor Symposium. The engine, which…

Audi shows off electric biturbo TT

11 May 2015

AUDI has announced it will show a TT electric biturbo at the annual Woerthersee festival in Austria which starts on Wednesday. Inspiration for the “technology…

Audi developing intelligent laser headlights

30 April 2015

IN night driving, the rule of thumb is to never “out-drive” your headlights — that is, to drive so fast that you can’t stop within…

Pick of the Week: Kia Forte Koup

30 April 2015

Priced at RM115k (OTR) upon Malaysian market release in 2011, Kia’s first ever two door coupe was probably one of the best value for money…

Audi boss says Q6 Electric ‘SUV Coupe’ targeted for 2018-2019

29 April 2015

IT’S apparent now that all-electric luxury vehicles with ranges of 320 kilometres or more will be produced by Teuton car makers Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz…

Audi producing “green” diesel from water

24 April 2015

CARS are getting more efficient, but the fuels that power them may soon change too. That’s especially true when it comes to diesel, where the…

Audi to show China-only A6 hybrid, Prologue Allroad concept

17 April 2015

AUDI will be showing off new technology at next week’s Shanghai Motor show — a plug-in hybrid A6 and its exciting Prologue Allroad Concept. Audi…

As sales rise, Germans go into overdrive

16 April 2015

SALES of German luxury cars have never been better but questions are being raised whether the Teutons are pushing the envelope a bit too hard….

And the women’s vote goes to Mercedes-Benz S Class

13 March 2015

MERCEDES-BENZ has driven off the Women’s World Car of the Year award for 2014. The award, revealed at the recent Geneva Auto Show, handed the…

Audi sets sights on Tesla with electric SUV next

10 March 2015

AUDI is expected to turn its sights on Tesla by starting work on an all-electric crossover after launching its all-new 2016 Audi Q7 at last…

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