Audi A4 Facelift Debuts in Malaysia

09 April 2012

The current B8 Audi A4 was launched in its German home market in December 2007, with overseas market launch held in early 2008. Audi gave…

Audi The Swan TV Commercial

02 April 2012

This is a new ad for the Audi A5 in the UK. The storyboard features a Jaray Audi, one of Audi’s earliest streamlined cars, and…

Audi A1 1.4TSI: Ice-cool, street worthy

02 March 2012

If the premium compact car segment has taught us motoring hacks anything, is that people are willing to fork out big car amounts of money…

Audi To Field Diesel-Electric Hybrid R18 e-tron quattro in Le Mans

01 March 2012

The Audi R18 e-tron quattro will be the world’s first diesel-electric hybrid LMP1 category Le Mans racer. Despite the ‘e-tron’ monicker, the latest R18 is…

Audi's RS4 Avant Superestate Returns

15 February 2012

Now in its third generation guise, the latest Audi superwagon continues the RS4’s tradition of marrying supercar performance with practicalities of a 5-seater sedan /…

Audi : There is no alternative to the Euro

27 January 2012

Viability of the Euro is now a hotly debated topic within Europe. There is a new informal economic acronym created – PIIGS, referring to the…

Audi Makes Moby Dick Parody Commercial

14 January 2012

Like the protagonist in the classic novel Moby Dick, the Ahab in Audi’s story suffers from a destructive obession to pursue one elusive catch. Analogous…

Audi Q3 Previewed in Malaysia

05 January 2012

Audi’s new baby-SUV, the Q3, is in Malaysia for a brief stopover in its tour of the Asian region. The Q3 is currently on display…

Audi A4

Starting from RM218,900

Audi A5 Sportback

Starting from RM357,900

Audi A6

Starting from RM327,900

Audi A7 Sportback

Starting from RM484,900

Audi A8 L

Starting from RM656,900

Audi Q3

Starting from RM218,900

Audi Q5

Starting from RM324,900

Audi Q7

Starting from RM524,900

Audi TT & TTS

Starting from RM286,900


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