tanah CLA Merc di Malaysia

12 September 2016

THE new generation Mercedes Benz CLA premium compact car has landed in Malaysia. “The new generation CLA is irresistible. Its sporty proportions and edgy design

Audi bersiap sedia untuk mengambil Tesla dengan 4-WD sedan elektrik

01 September 2016

Autocar THE UK melaporkan bahawa Audi akan meletakkan sedan elektrik empat roda bersaing Tesla Model S ke dalam pengeluaran. Mungkin yang dinamakan A9…

Audi harnessing energy from smart suspension

11 ogos 2016

AUDI says it is developing smart suspension that could soon finds it way into its lineup. The German carmaker is developing a prototype electromechanical rotary

Audi’s self-driving A7 learning to beconsiderate

16 Mungkin 2016

AUDI’S latest version of its piloted driving research car, the Audi A7 concept “Jack,” has not only learned how to autonomously perform all of its

Hyper-passion and hyper-efficient gala

30 Mac 2016

WHILE other auto shows fascinate the crowd with seductive curves and silhouettes painted with striking colours, this year’s New York Auto Show took on the

New York, New York — Nissan shows new GT-R, Audi its R8 Spyder

24 Mac 2016

TWO important new sportscars have been unveiled at the ongoing New York International Auto Show with Nissan showing its new MY17 GT-R (tangan puncak) dan…

World firstAudi’s twin turbo diesel gets electric compressor assist

04 Mac 2016

IN a world first, Audi has introduced a diesel-engined S model to its Q7 model line that uses an electric compressor to cut turbo-lag to

debuts Q2 Audi di Geneva, dibuat untuk golongan muda

02 Mac 2016

THE Audi Q2 SUV made its debut at the 86th Geneva International Motor Show and Audi AG executives have said that the Q2 was built

BMW untuk memulihkan plat 8-siri dalam usaha untuk saingan S-Class, Bentley

24 Februari 2016

BMW have had enough of playing second fiddle to Mercedes-Benz and Bentley in the luxury coupe class. The German company is reportedly set to resurrect

Test Drive: Kia Cerato Pasangan – The Kouple cruiser

16 Februari 2016

TWO door coupe has always been at niche sector in Malaysian market. Since the national manufacturer discontinued its production of Proton Putra in 2001, ia…

Audi A4

Starting from RM218,900

Audi A5 Sportback

Starting from RM357,900

Audi A6

Starting from RM327,900

Audi A7 Sportback

Starting from RM484,900

Audi A8 L

Starting from RM656,900

Audi Q3

Starting from RM218,900

Audi Q5

Starting from RM324,900

Audi Q7

Starting from RM524,900

Audi TT & TTS

Starting from RM286,900


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