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Boon Siew Honda Unveils New EX5 Cub and Air Blade Scooter

POSTED BY Philip Chong ON 23 July 2013

Honda EX5

After almost 26 years of reign as Malaysia’s best selling and most popular motorcycle, the Honda EX5 finally has a successor, in the form of the new Honda EX5 Dream 110cc. With an appearance that retains the look of its predecessor – the new EX5 is a case of the classic “like father, like son” heritage, which is the theme Boon Siew Honda is using to describe the successor to its popular cub motorcycle.

The Honda EX5 Dream 110, aimed at both the old and new generations of riders, now features a Euro 2-compliant 110cc 4-stroke engine, an increase of 12.9cc over its predecessor. The increase in engine capacity represents an 11% improvement in performance. In addition, the fuel tank is larger – from 3.5-litre to a bigger 4-litre version.

Famed for its toughness and reliability, the legacy of the original EX5 lives on with the new EX5 Dream 110, with improved, heavy-duty suspension being one of latest additions. Wider tyres are added to the mix for better grip and stability when negotiating corners, a feat where we found to be a vast improvement during the test ride organised by Boon Siew Honda for the biking media.

As mentioned, the new Honda EX5 Dream 110 does not depart very far from the classic look of its predecessor at first glance. But look closely and you will notice the modern twist on the bike’s classic headlights; a combo tail-light which incorporates multi-reflectors for better brilliance and brightness; as well as the presence of an under cowl for improved aerodynamics and serving as a shield for the engine from dirt and water splashes.

The new Honda EX5 Dream 110 has a wider ergonomic seat, and a pair of aluminium grip handles at the rear end of the seat provides a firmer grip for the pillion. An exhaust pipe heat shield is included for the safety and protection of the pillion rider too. An improved ignition system comes standard with the Honda EX5 Dream 110. Pricing for the EX5 Dream 110 Electric Starter is RM4,145 while the EX5 Dream 110 Kick-Starter is RM3,708.


Air Blade

The Honda Air Blade scooter is new to the Malaysian market but it has been available in the neighbouring countries for quite some time. The Air Blade features a Twin Projector Headlights, the first of its kind in the country, will help make the scooter an instant attention-grabber. Its 125cc 4-stroke single cylinder eco-friendly engine employs the ESP (Enhanced Smart Power) with PGM-FI function to improve output efficiency, greater durability and excellent fuel consumption. The ESP is a technology developed to improve performance by reducing friction. An eco-friendly electronic fuel-injection system also helps boost performance.

The same technology is employed in the Integrated ACG System that helps the bike start smoothly with maximum friction reductions and fuel savings. The Air Blade also features a combined brake system that distributes braking force between the front and rear wheels even if only one brake lever is pressed. This ensures a smoother and more effective braking.

The Air Blade also comes equipped with an Idling Stop System that automatically shuts off the engine when the bike is at a standstill to save fuel. Safety features in the Air Blade include a Side Stand Switch that must be raised in order for the engine to start up, Tubeless Tyres are fitted as standard for safety in the event of punctures, and Versatile Locks with a double-locking system for added safety.

Other attractive features in the Air Blade include a Large U-Box, a convenient fuel tank cap that allows the bike to be refuelled without the need to lift up the seat as well as the built-in lamps for the lock and the U-Box. A Remote Response Key that helps locate the bike quickly and easily is part of the Air Blade’s arsenal of technological advancements. The Honda Air Blade is the first scooter to feature this new facility. The Air Blade is priced at RM7,708.