BMW ‘Drift Mob’ invades Cape Town with the M235i (w/video)

POSTED BY Dinesh Appavu ON 30 July 2014

Forget flash mobs, trust BMW to take things to the next level with their new product feature that showcases the hottest hatch from Munich; the BMW M235i, with five of them invading Cape Town, South Africa, in a ‘Drift Mob’ and killing plenty of tyres in the process.

The video was shot over a month ago and teased online but the final cut is now here in all its glory. The Epic Driftmob sees five units of the 326hp M235i execute a perfectly choreographed drift sequence around a public roundabout in Cape Town.

Behind the wheel of the five cars were some of the leading names in Hollywood stunt driving and Formula Drift; Daijiro Yoshihara, Rhys Millen, Samuel Hubinette, Conrad Grunewald and Rich Rutherford. All five of them are still active participants or have participated in Formula Drift, so they know how to get the back end out and keep it there.

The choreography was done by Riley Harper and Mic Rodgers, with every single sequence and action shot absolutely real. There was no camera tricks or CGI used in the video at all. As the drivers have plenty of experience working in movies such as The Fast and The Furious, Iron Man and Transformers, turning the ideas into reality was made all the easier but not necessarily a walk in the park.

Of course, the purpose of the video is to demonstrate the precise handling and sufficient power of the M235i that is now arguably the most balanced and fun car to drive from the BMW stable.

Enjoy the two minute video and the immense effort that went into producing it. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Don’t forget to catch the two additional videos as well that comprises a ‘making-of’ video and a brief one with Millen behind the wheel.