BHP diesel brands hold promise for newer diesel engines in Malaysia

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 29 September 2016


BHP has upgraded its diesel fuels with new German additive packages to its Infiniti Euro5 and Euro2 brands.

This follows its championing of clean diesel when it was the first in Malaysia with Euro5 in Nov 2014.

It says it believes its diesel formulation has opened doors for the automotive industry to introduce more modern diesel vehicles to the Malaysian market, since these newer vehicle models finally have the higher-grade diesel they need to perform optimally. This will translate to more vehicle choices for Malaysian motorists in the near future.


Infiniti Diesel is treated with a Diesel Additive Formulation (DAF) designed for fuel economy, engine protection and performance and contains a proprietary, highly reactive key ingredient effective at cleaning out deposits in engine.

Clean engine ensures optimal combustion of the diesel resulting in higher fuel economy and power.

It says DAF offers very effective protection against corrosion. It provides protection for metallic parts such as fuel pipes and tanks from rust formation. It is extremely effective corrosion inhibitors.

It also contains foam inhibitor chemicals for easy fill-up of diesel, the company says.


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