Art of Speed 2017

POSTED BY Motorme Admin ON 22 August 2017

Written by Norty Alex Foo

At the end of July, a unique event was organised at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS), roughly 40km from the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

An annual treat for motor heads, the event showcases the local custom scene that includes cars and motorcycles, art pieces, tattoos, interactive activities as well as stunt shows. The term “Kustom Kulture” is used to describe the community of builders who customise vehicles – be it cars, motorcycles or bicycles – into works of art, according to one’s ingenuity and creativity.

This event specially caters for the growing groups and enthusiasts of the custom world, including customisers, die-cast toy collectors and fans of music and art. This culture and lifestyle event is called Art of Speed (AOS) and is in its sixth year, with the inaugural event held in 2012 at Publika Square. The event has since grown by leaps and bounds, making a great impact on the local “kustom kulture” scene.

With an aim to congregate all enthusiasts and lovers of old-school and modern custom design, organiser Asep Ahmad Iskandar wanted to make AOS an event that will be etched in the minds of every visitor and participant, especially among newcomers of the custom scene.

Asep’s undying effort in promoting the event locally and overseas has paid off as he had succeeded in making Malaysia the hub of convergence for all custom lovers. Participants from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and as far as the United States participated in this year’s spectacular event. There was also a media crew from the Ride PH TV show on location, documenting this event for Philippine’s GMA News TV.

AOS is also a platform for Malaysian custom builders to showcase their talent, and for the past few years, spectators have witnessed some fantastic and incredible custom motorcycles built by relatively unknown backyard builders who have since made it big in the local custom industry.

Goodies that were in store for lucky draw winners included a brand-new CMC XY400 motorcycle and a locally, fully customised Yamaha RX-Z fitted with a twin engine. Cash prizes amounting to RM15,000 were also up for grabs for 10 builders from Malaysia and Singapore who were competing in the AOS Invitational Bike Build Off 2017.

A bevy of exotic, classic and muscle machines and classic souped-up Japanese vehicles were also on display. A lone rare and pristine Volvo 123 GT was also exhibited, alongside Minis, Volkswagen Beetles and Japanese classic beauties.

Cameras were frantically clicking throughout the event, with an estimated near 50,000 visitors at the exhibition this year. The feather in the cap for the organisers who wanted to inject new breath into the local car and motorcycle scene were the big, cheerful and satisfied smiles on every visitor’s face. Those who missed the exhibition will have to wait for AOS 2018 but here are some photographs to keep you going to the next instalment.



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