And the women’s vote goes to Mercedes-Benz S Class

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 13 March 2015

MERCEDES-BENZ has driven off the Women’s World Car of the Year award for 2014.

The award, revealed at the recent Geneva Auto Show, handed the top gong to the company’s S-Class machine (pictured above) which also won the Luxury Car award.

The 21 judges – including Sandy Myhre and Jacqui Madelin from New Zealand – voted on 10 different criteria considered important to female car buyers, including; style and appeal, comfort, drive quality, the “wow” factor and value for money.

Voting was undertaken in secret and in four categories the voting was the closest ever seen in the event’s five year history.

The top three cars overall were the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Audi A8 and Tesla Model S in that order.

Myhre, the founder of the awards, told the Stuff website women motoring writers are well-informed about the industry and discerning about the cars they drive.

“The winning car companies can be justifiably proud of their achievement because it is very hard to get on the short list and to win a category, let alone the supreme trophy.”

British judge Sue Baker added: “This is an outstanding accolade for a car which encompasses everything women want in a vehicle, namely a high calibre driving experience, impeccable safety credentials, top-notch comfort and high build quality, all at a justifiable price.”

The S-Class range consists of four-, six-, eight- and 12- cylinder engines, two Hybrids, a Plug-in Hybrid, two trim choices (SE Line and AMG Line) and two wheelbase options (standard and long).

Other category winners were the Audi A3 as the best family car, Audi S3 the sports car winner, while the Honda Jazz was the economy car, the Tesla Model X the green car and the Range Rover Sport the the SUV of the year.

As a fun exercise, judges were asked to nominate their Dream car – the car they would aspire to own, if they don’t already and the Jaguar F-type coupe emerged with that accolade.

The women’s world car of the year awards began in 2009 when the Jaguar XF emerged on top and since the the winners have been the Range Rover Evoque, Citroen DS3 and Audi A3.